Manufacturing Plastic Products

Are you searching for the ideal manufacturer for your unique plastic product? There are many factors to consider when choosing the right plastic manufacturer for you and your design. Have you thought about the type of plastic that is best suited to your product? The quickest and most cost-effective method of manufacturing plastic products? Or the level of services you require? In this article, we hope to shed some light on the many elements of plastic manufacturing so that you can make an informed decision when choosing a manufacturer that is right for you.



A team with experience in manufacturing plastic products is critical.

You’ve chosen to create your product out of plastic for a reason. Perhaps it’s because of the material’s incredible durability, its strength or its affordability. Whichever is the case, you don’t want to take any chances by hiring manufacturers inexperienced in plastic production. A team that knows the many features of plastic, and how to use them to your product’s advantage, is invaluable. A manufacturer who has produced a string of successful plastic products before will know how to improve your design – should it need a few extra tweaks – and use their knowledge to gauge which methods of production will work best. In fact, an experienced plastic manufacturer will be able to assist you in answering the following key questions regarding your product.

What type of plastic should my product be made from?

There are many different types of plastic out there, all with their own unique characteristics and benefits. The two main categories of plastics are thermoplastics (which can be melted down and recycled at the end of your product’s lifespan) and thermosetting plastics (which cannot be recycled). The most common types of plastic used for product manufacturing include Polyethylene terephthalate (PET – the material disposable water bottles are made from), Polyethylene (PE – both high-density and low-density) and Polyvinyl chloride (PVC – typically used in plumbing pipes). The size, strength, rigidity and purpose of your product will determine which type of plastic is best suited to its needs.

What’s the best manufacturing method for my plastic product?

There are also several ways in which your product can be manufactured. Some, such as 3D printing, are far more costly than others. Certain methods are also suited to particular types of plastic. And the method you use may also depend on how quickly you require your products, and whether you have a short or large run. Manufacturing processes such as rotational moulding will also be conditional to your design. For example, rotational moulding (rotomoulding) is extremely advantageous for gaining uniform wall thickness but is suitable for only hollow products. Your product may also require a few different methods of plastic manufacturing. For example, the bulk of your product may be large and hollow, and best suited to rotomoulding. But it could also incorporate a few more intricate details where it would be convenient to use injection moulding processes. In this scenario, choosing a company that can carry out both process would be beneficial.

How quickly can my product be manufactured?

You will need to weigh up whether offshore or onshore manufacturing processes will be better suited to your timeline and budget. And there is a lot to be said about Australian manufacturers in this instance. Choosing to have your plastic product/s manufactured within Australia typically results in a faster turnaround. You don’t have to wait for the products to be shipped, and communication can be far easier when you are talking to face to face or over the phone, thereby limiting setbacks caused by potential misunderstandings. If you’re worried about production limitations due to small facilities, you will often find that Australian manufacturers have contractors that they can call upon for assistance with big jobs. It’s always wise to consider whether your manufacturer would be up to the task if your product enjoys widespread demand and you require faster production and larger runs in the future. No harm in preparing for a positive outcome!

What manufacturing services do I need?

Are you after a manufacturer who will simply take your design and produce it in plastic? Or one that can assist you with the concept and product design, prototyping, testing and assembling? Do you want turnkey plastic manufacturing services or straight up production? You can save a lot of time and money with an experienced turnkey manufacturer, a team who will be a part of your product journey every step of the way. Rather than juggling multiple contractors, you will have one point of call for all of your product requirements. You may also find a manufacturer that is just as passionate about your project as you!

Australian manufacturers who understand plastic design.

Global Rotomoulding is an Australian leader in manufacturing plastic products for custom designs and innovative processes. We pride ourselves on finding solutions to our client’s problems using plastic and assisting them to make their ideas a reality. If you’re looking for a plastic manufacturer committed to producing high-quality, Australian made products then contact us today.

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