Product testing innovative new plastic products

Product testing is a vital element of all Global’s custom projects. Particular emphasis is put on product testing to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, safety and reliability.

At Global Rotomoulding, we go by the philosophy that nothing should be a half effort! Our processes are detailed, our interaction with clients is constant, and all you have to do is take a look at our track record to see that we deliver the goods!

Client liaison

Close communication with clients is key to assist them in solving any problems they’re facing with designs, to improve their products or come up with a solution product. Our recent collaboration with Booth Transport involved Global designing a new toolbox made of plastic to house their sometimes leaky hoses, preventing rust and corrosion to their ute tray beds. We work with our clients to accumulate knowledge and come up with the best solution.

Product testing

All products undergo rigorous testing in a variety of environments to ensure durability and efficiency. We are constantly testing, noting any faults or challenges, and modifying these. We carry out a series of trials to determine the correct shot weight, cook and cool time for your product. At Global, we are an AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 certified company and strictly adhere to the high standards that this invokes, which means that you will never receive a sub-par product from us.

Safety standards

An important aspect of product testing involves adhering to strict safety standards. At Global, our polyethylene is BPA free, meaning that it is safe to store drinking water in. Products such as our cartage tanks and rainwater tanks have been subject to stringent testing to ensure that they are completely safe.

Furthermore, Global are specialists in rotomoulding design, so we are aware of the ins and outs of plastic design, and know what to look out for when it comes to safety precautions during manufacturing. We also work closely with research and development engineers to ensure structural integrity. You can rest assured that all of your products are safe to use.

Sample products

Once we have completed testing and have a final product that we’re happy with, we will send it to you for your own product testing and evaluating before complete manufacturing begins. We are open to all feedback and adjustments to moulds and features. Unlike injection moulding, the moulds produced for rotational moulding are much cheaper, so if adjustments need to be made, new moulds are much more accessible. Here at Global, we won’t rest until you have the exact product you’re looking for!

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