Components of a high quality poly tank

What makes a poly tank so great? Lots of things! There are many components of poly tanks that justify their overall design as being perfect for Australian conditions.

We take a look at our above ground rainwater tanks to really nut out their best features.

1. Lightweight.

Let’s start with the most obvious bonus: plastic is light. But don’t be mistaken, it’s also incredibly durable, and strong too. This means it’s easy to move around, affording quicker installation. No more faffing about, paying for a bunch of contractors and heavy machinery to move your tank into place! If it’s on the larger side, the lifting lugs installed on top will assist with transportation.

2. Strong.

All of Global’s poly tanks are fitted with self-supporting roofs. These are designed for long-term, structural strength, unlike many other tank roofs which are prone to collapsing over time because of weak joints. You won’t have that issue with a rotomoulded poly tank, though, as it’s made from just one piece of plastic!

3. Safe.

Poly tanks are made from food grade PE. Global’s poly tanks comply with AS 2070; plastics for food contact use and AS/NZS 4020; products for use in contact with drinking water. Poly tanks do not rust like their steel counterparts. Rest assured that you’re receiving the purest rainwater around!

We also know that mosquitoes are pesky little blighters that can cause some pretty serious illnesses contracted through drinking water. That’s why all of our light guards and leaf strainers are mosquito repellant.

4. Weather resistant.

Poly tanks are basically the Terminator of rainwater tanks; they’re indestructible. We all know how harsh the Australian climate can be. That’s why Global have designed their poly tanks to withstand extreme heat and adverse weather. They won’t crack under pressure, and they’re UV resistant. On those outrageously hot summer days, even though the sun is beating down on your tank, the contents will be 100% safe from the heat.

Convinced that poly rainwater tanks are the best option for your home or business? Contact Global today to discuss your needs or peruse our wide selection of poly tank sizes and colours today!

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