About Us

Global Roto-Moulding is an industry leader

in moulding plastic in an

imaginative way

About Us

Who We Are

Global provides complete design and manufacturing solutions for plastic products in the following industries:

Mining | Domestic water | Industrial water catchment | Agricultural Equipment | Rural Water | Coal Seam Gas

The company is owned and directed by Lester and Howard Ferry. Together they have 32 years of industry experience and they are supported by a team of loyal employees who strive to produce quality products. The company operates from two sites based in Irymple, Victoria, and Helidon, Queensland, allowing us to effortlessly service the Eastern seaboard.

Global has recently undergone significant expansion to include the latest technology in machinery and facilities at both sites, ensuring improved efficiency and long-term viability with high production capacity and robotic technologies. Global’s pursuit of the World Class Standard of excellence for manufacturing strengthens our position as Australia’s most proficient custom moulder.

Our Mission

We offer innovative products to our customers by using our creativity and vision

Our success is driven by the talents and skills of our team. We have the courage to challenge the conventional wisdoms, the team spirit to share our collective knowledge to ensure innovative products with the imagination to mould plastic beyond the obvious.

We believe that plastic is under-utilised in manufacturing and we have embarked on a journey to see plastic moulded beyond its most obvious uses. We have developed a significant profile in the Roto-moulding industry and around the world for innovation and superior roto-moulding abilities. We have several publications in the Roto-World magazines on innovations undertaken, along with awards for innovative design.

Our aspirations to see exciting products drives our desire to understand all aspects of our customer requirements. Our experience and partnerships ensure a full service which includes:

  1. Concept design
  2. Full product design with product specifications
  3. Product prototyping, tooling prototyping, testing, and verifying
  4. Tool making
  5. Full high capacity custom-moulding facilities
  6. Delivery

This process allows us to develop long standing relationships with customers that are built on performance and trust.

With creativity, we employ our expertise in unique and innovative ways. With foresight, we stay ahead of the game. This ensures that we offer our customers unique products of the highest quality that are unmatched by our competitors.

Operational excellence is the necessary foundation for innovation and quality and will always be critical to the way we do business.

Our Core Values

Our Team Spirit:

• Invites customers to work closely with us
• Encourages collaboration and enhanced decision making
• Collectively our efforts compel us to ensure operational excellence ensuring quality products and service

We have the imagination to:

• Mould plastic beyond the obvious
• Solves problems creatively
• Apply our talents in new ways
• Delight our customers

We have the courage to:

• Deal with quality concerns
• Do the right thing
• Act decisively
• Take responsibility for our actions