Short run plastic moulding at Global Rotomoulding Brisbane.

Are you looking to manufacture a short run of a new plastic product? Need help with the design and prototyping? Global Rotomoulding offer turnkey services that can assist you in creating and producing the perfect product.

But what makes Global Rotomoulding better than other rotomoulding companies around Brisbane? Read on to find out!

There every step of the process.

Here at Global Rotomoulding, we don’t just manufacture your design; we help you build it. We know the ins and outs of rotomoulding like the back of our hands, and can recommend ways to produce your product with plastic that will improve its durability and stability. We’ll be there to assist during the concept design stages, through to tool design and prototyping. Heck, we even deliver your product right to your door and help you assemble it!

Focus on bespoke services.

While Global can source offshore manufacturers for large runs of products, what we enjoy most is being able to provide bespoke services. Many big factories won’t assist you to create and manufacture a one-off product or a specialised, short run. But we love it when our customers come to us with product ideas that we can really nut out!

Sometimes our customers simply come to us with a problem that needs resolving, such as our collaboration with Booth Transport. Booth Transport asked us to manufacture a sturdy toolbox that wouldn’t rust as they found that their hose reels would leak in their vehicles, resulting in expedited corrosion. So we worked with them to come up with a toolbox that would house their hoses without spreading rust around the vehicles.

Largest oven in the Southern Hemisphere.

Speaking of bespoke services, Global owns the largest rotomoulding oven in the Southern Hemisphere! You can rest assured that if you want to create a large-scale product, we’ve got you covered. We know that a lot of agricultural equipment, in particular, can be on the sizeable side. In fact, we frequently manufacture large cartage and rainwater tanks that can hold up to 45 000 litres of liquid!

We’ve also dappled in a few seriously large custom products, too, such as our collaboration with Vinidex to make the whopping AquaPro. The AquaPro is a commercial, underground water storage system with a capacity of over one million litres! We manufactured several parts for this project that all fit together like one giant jigsaw puzzle.

If you want to manufacture more of your product (because you’re so happy with it!) the good news is that we have seven ovens that can easily do the job.

Stacks of experience.

Global have been in the rotomoulding biz for 20 years and know a thing or two about how plastic and rotomoulding work together. We’ve worked on a range of custom designs and are always keen for a fresh challenge! We aren’t just your manufacturing provider; we’re also your product consultants, concept designers and tool making specialists. Contact us today to discuss your latest product, and how rotational moulding can make it the best it can be.

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