Concept design of new custom plastic products

Here at Global Rotomoulding, because we work in the business of innovative plastic design, we also create highly customised products.

These products utilise all the benefits that polyethene and rotomoulding have to offer. We take you through an important step in our customised services – namely, concept design.

We know rotomoulding

When it comes to rotomoulding, we’re in the know-how. We choose to specialise in this method of manufacturing because we believe that it is efficient and cost-effective. Furthermore, it produces more durable and lightweight products to suit a variety of environments.

We’ve designed a selection of products from scratch, many that have solved ongoing problems associated with previous use of steel or metal as a product material. We know a thing or two about plastic, trends in its use and what it will and won’t do as a material. We have experience moulding it into particular shapes to carry a diverse range of substances. We bring all of this knowledge and experience to the table when designing a new product.

Concept design

We provide each of our customers with full concept design, complete with product specifications and measurements. This will allow you to visualise your product and reflect on its uses and features before moving onto full product design. It will be the basis upon which mould production begins, so is detailed and verified by a number of experts.

Below are a few of our most recent concept design drawings which spearheaded a number of highly innovative and successful products currently available for purchase on our website.

Our plastic septic tanks have made installation much, much easier! Many septic tanks are made from concrete which is difficult to move and clean. Our plastic septic tanks are lightweight, durable and more affordable.

Our bunded plastic troughs, used for agriculture, are also a more lightweight but sturdy solution for farmers who frequently work alone. They can be moved by one person even though they are large enough to provide water for a herd of livestock. As you can see in the concept drawings, their double walling allows them to be weighted down with water once arranged in the desired location.

For more examples of our leading plastic designs, please head over to our design capabilities page. These projects have been undertaken with a range of accredited brands who have sought Global out to find solutions to ongoing problems experienced with their previous products.

Why our customers choose Global

Businesses come to us to design their products because we only make quality goods and we provide personalised service. Our research and development skills are honed by our passion to find the best method of manufacturing. We aren’t too big for our boots either! If we’re unsure about anything, we will call upon a range of experts in their fields, namely world-class product engineers who will verify facts and suggest improvements. We have alliances with professional experts in every step of the design process so that you can rest assured, nothing is left up to chance!

Do you have a product concept in mind that you need assistance designing and producing? Contact us today!

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