Why rotomoulding is perfect for plastic manufacturing at scale

So you’re planning on turning your concept design into an actual product, but you’re afraid that you’ll be limited by production runs and costly parts when it comes to manufacturing. Have you considered manufacturing with plastic, using rotational moulding?

Why enter the world of plastic manufacturing? Plastic is the perfect material for roto-moulding. It’s lightweight, durable and easy to manipulate. Here are the top reasons why roto-moulding is perfect for mass-production of products, and won’t break your wallet!

Once you make the mould, it’s full steam ahead!

With rotational moulding, making the mould is the most important part of your manufacturing process, and can often take up quite a bit of time. But when you think about it, you want this to be the most detailed step. The mould will define every product that you pump out, so basically, it needs to be perfect. After the mould has been stringently tested to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with the prototype, the manufacturing process is efficient and cheap!

Roto-moulding will save your bottom line.

When manufacturing with metal, or using methods such as injection moulding, your product often needs to be made piece-by-piece, and then constructed. This both time-consuming and costly as it means that each piece of your product requires a different mould. And let’s be honest, this quickly gets EXPENSIVE!

With rotomoulding plastic manufacturing, because the process utilises the hollow parts of a product, you only need one mould. This means less time spent constructing the final product, and less money spent on various mould pieces. Plastic is also generally much cheaper than metal, and more durable as it won’t rust. Basically, it’ll be a quicker manufacturing process, and your customer will get a longer lifespan out of their product. This is why we believe that manufacturing using roto-moulding is win-win!

Capable of large product runs.

At Global Roto-moulding, we run seven ovens over two sites. We’re experienced in rotational moulding processes, and know how to pump out quality products at a quick rate. We manufacture the TuffMate2000 trailer for retail sales in companies like Bunnings, and we know how to work efficiently for companies with a high demand for products. If you need to fulfil even bigger orders, we have global contacts for manufacturing that can assist us in making your products promptly.

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