For Light & Durable Products Choose Global Roto-Moulding

So you want your product to be strong and durable, but easy to lift and manoeuvre at the same time? You may think this is impossible to achieve but we’re here to prove that it isn’t! You can have the best of both worlds! How? With rotational moulding!

What makes rotational moulding so special?

Rotational moulding utilises the best methods to produce a consistent, strong but light product. Low-density polyethene plastic is the material of choice. It’s melted in high-temperature ovens that spin the product mould at speed until it is evenly coated with the plastic. This means superior consistency in the wall thickness of your product.

One mould instead of many

Most roto-moulded products use just the one mould. This means there’s less chance of stress cracks, as there are no weld joints. Unlike injection moulding, roto-moulded products are easy to assemble and less likely to break under pressure.

But isn’t plastic a bit flimsy?

In short, no. Plastic can be incredibly strong. Roto-moulding is what transforms plastic into a reliable material for any industrial, agricultural and even medical product. Rotational Moulding can be used to produce anything from water tanks to box trailers, engine casings to cartage tanks.


Having a light yet strong product is also incredibly convenient. It makes installation a breeze. Global’s bunded troughs, for example, can be moved by a single person. That means a farmer doesn’t have to call in ten hands to help move it across a paddock. Once it’s placed in position, it can then be weighted down with water, so it doesn’t move when livestock buffet it while drinking or feeding.

Is it going to set me back an arm and a leg, though?

The beauty of roto-moulding is that once the initial mould is made, costs run relatively low for manufacturing. Reproduction is simple, and most importantly, consistent with the original design. Plastic is much cheaper than steel. And the added bonus? It won’t rust or corrode like steel will, over time.

Interested in producing a product that is both light and strong? Contact Global today to discuss how plastic rotational moulding could be the best option for you!

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