Global Warranty Claim Process

We hate it when we disappoint you, in a perfect world that would never happen. Sadly we aren’t perfect and we do make mistakes from time to time. That’s why we like to make the claims process as easy as possible. So what should you do when you have a problem with your Global product.

Remember the key to any warranty negotiation is kindness and patience. We can assure you our team is embarrassed and want to help you as quickly as possible. We know you are frustrated, we would be to, so stay calm and outline your concern as precisely as you can.

Consider if your issues is a product issue or an install issue. Please note that we do have an $80 per hour fee for issues that are not related to manufacture of your Global product.

Contact your customer Representative or download the warranty claim form

Fill out all the spaces giving us as much detail as possible

Snap some photos

A photo that is close up and shows your area of concern.

A photo that gives us a full picture of the product and shows us where your area of concern is.

A photo of your serial number or white sticker.

Email the form back to

Wait for our friendly team to contact you. They may have a few more questions when they do so please be patient. Our questions are designed to ensure we know how best to help you. They may also have some suggestions on small things that you can do to fix your issues.

If required a team member may come out to survey the product

Notification of Solution! A member of our team will contact you with our proposed solution

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