Baffle Bones

A unique solution to water

Suppression In Cartage Tanks

Baffle Bones

By Global Rotomoulding

Each Baffle Bone has a large surface area and low volume (displacement). This unique shape is a single-piece injection moulded part that is strong enough to withstand the sloshing force of water in a tank and requires no assembly. When many Baffle Bones are used together, the combined high surface area of the Baffle Bones provide a significant reduction in the movement of water within the tank, dramatically improving vehicle handling. Baffle Bones meet the Load Restraint Guide (RTA) criteria and have been independently tested and certified.

We recommend the Baffle Bone system be used in all tanks with a volume greater than 2,000 lt.

Baffle Bones:

  • Small Baffles made from natural High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Large from Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
  • Low volume, high surface area
  • Recommended for all tanks over 2,000lt
  • Assists in the reduction of water movement while braking and turning.
Capacity (L) Small Bones Large Bones
1000 50
1200 60
1500 75
2000 NA 30
2700 NA 41
3000 NA 45
4000 NA 60
5000 NA 75
6000 NA 90
7000 NA 100
8000 NA 120
10000 NA 150
11000 NA 165
13000 NA 200
15000 NA 225

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