Designing New Plastic Products With Global Rotomoulding

Getting your new plastic product off the ground is always challenging. There are concept designs to map out, prototypes to test, and materials to consider.
But you don’t have to do it by yourself. The support of an experienced team of plastic product designers and manufacturers can assist you to get everything just right. The team at Global Rotomoulding have been helping to bring product visions to life for years, and know everthing about the process that may enhance your success. Even if all you have is a rough idea, put your head together with a team of plastic experts, and you’ll soon find a solid plan forming. To give you an indication of what we’re capable of, we’ve outlined a few of the reasons why you may choose to design your new plastic product with us.

Reasons to design a new plastic product with Global Rotomoulding:

To solve a problem

The number one reason individuals and businesses come to us for help designing a new plastic product is to solve a problem. On many occasions, the problem stems from a pre-existing product that isn’t working as well as it should, because there are severe downfalls in the material it’s made from. Many people are choosing to design their products out of poly plastic rather than metal because it has a reputation for strength, rigidity and lightness. Plastic is also often cheaper to manufacture and can be much more durable than metal, especially when exposed to the elements.

Global Rotomoulding’s Ludowici Exciter Guard is just one example of how we have assisted a company in solving a problem through plastic rotational moulding design. The sturdy plastic guard protects miners from high-frequency vibrations caused by large machines. The Ludowici Exciter Guard acts as a casing over these machines, replacing the previous metal versions which were costly to produce, heavy to remove and fiddly to assemble in several pieces. The result is a much more convenient and operable plastic product.

To make a job more efficient

The ability to work efficiently is paramount in many industries. Deadlines need to be met, customer satisfaction must be maintained, and employee labour should be managed safely. So if you think your machinery or equipment could work more effectively than it currently is, you may look into designing something new. This is what happened when Global Rotomoulding collaborated with Trymak and Croplands Equipment to make the Quantum Mist Fan Cowl for more efficient crop spraying on farms. The fan cowl we produced attached to a tractor-drawn spraying trailer and could spray multiple rows of crops at once. With the Quantum Mist Fan Cowl, farmers can cover more ground in a shorter time frame.

To create a sturdier, weather-resistant product

Here at Global Rotomoulding, we have plenty of experience designing and manufacturing both small-batch custom plastic products, and large runs of commercial products. If you have an idea that you think will attract a retail market, we’re all ears! As we mentioned previously, poly plastic is a material that is steadily replacing many products traditionally made from metal. There are several reasons why, including the following:

  • It’s very strong, but incredibly light, making it easier to move and transport.
  • It’s UV resistant.
  • It won’t rust or corrode like metal.

One example of a product notoriously made from metal, which has enjoyed widespread popularity in poly plastic form, is the trailer. Global Rotomoulding collaborated with Trailers 2000 to create the TuffMate2000 trailer, made entirely from poly plastic. Finally, a trailer that won’t rust when you leave it out in the backyard for months! It can handle heavy loads and excessive rainfall. It won’t warp when hit with the full brunt of the Australian sun, either. Global Rotomoulding helped Trailers 2000 to design and manufacture these beauties for retail sale, and they have proven to be a hit! Even Bunnings were keen to stock them!

To have the full support of a team of experts, from concept to production.

As you can see, here at Global Rotomoulding, we’ve collaborated with a range of businesses and individuals to design and manufacture a wide variety of custom plastic products. We like to look outside the box and provide innovative thinkers with the expertise and support they need to get their idea off the ground. Global can help you with concept design, product specifications, prototyping, tool making and high capacity manufacturing. To view our full range of capabilities, see here. If you wish to design and manufacture a new plastic product with a hollow interior, contact us today to discuss how our experience with plastic rotational moulding can benefit your project.

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