Case Study: TuffMate2000 Trailer

On land and on sea, in the air and in space — plastics are taking over the transportation industry!

We take a look at the development process of one of our most innovative plastic products, the TuffMate2000 Trailer, and discuss some of the benefits of using polyethylene on the road.

Case Study: TuffMate2000 Trailer

The Product Brief

The TuffMate2000 was a revolutionary product from the very beginning. Designed in collaboration with the team at Trailers 2000, the brief was to construct a poly trailer that provided all the benefits of a steel trailer, plus more!

It had to be attractive, rust-resistant, and strong enough to carry a heavy load without buckling. The mounting system also had to allow for a growing and shrinking process because plastic tends to fluctuate in size. Particularly, if it’s left out in the sun for too long.

Case Study: TuffMate2000 Trailer

An early prototype of the Trailer in our workshop.

Case Study: TuffMate2000 Trailer

Testing the double-skinned walls for strength.

A new vision for transportation

Before the introduction of plastic trailers, most trailers were manufactured from steel. This was a major problem for two reasons:

  1. Steel trailers rust and corrode
  2. Heavy trailers are not economical or safe to tow

For many years, people have worried about leaving their trailers outside in the rain, salt air, and harsh Australian sun for fear of holes, rust spots, and corroded parts. There’s nothing worse than running outside in a wild storm to put a tarp on your trailer because you’re worried about corrosion, am I right?

Case Study: TuffMate2000 Trailer

Discussing the benefits of the Trailer with our friends.

Case Study: TuffMate2000 Trailer

Working on the trailer body in our workshop.

Plastic so tough you can smash it with a hammer

The first issue we hoped to resolve by designing a trailer with rotationally moulded plastic was strengthening the structure. We used high impact resistant, UV stabilised plastic that won’t rust, dent, or fade. At first, we went with a single-skin design, but it started to buckle when exposed to heat. So, we incorporated a double-skinned design that’s so strong you can strike it with a sledgehammer and see almost no effect.

Don’t believe me? Just check out this video!

A longer lifespan with no repairs needed

The Tuffmate2000 was designed to outlast every other trailer on the market. You can leave it in your backyard all year round and not have to worry about keeping it out of the rain or the salt air.

We used plastic that is impervious to almost every chemical, so you won’t need to be concerned about cleaning materials or maintenance. And, we’re proud to say that all of our plastic products are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly!


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