How Rotational Moulding Builds Strong Plastic Products

powdered plastic


Want to know why plastic is the perfect material for heavy duty rotationally moulded products? We take a closer look.

Here at Global Rotomoulding, we pride ourselves on our top-of-the-range moulds, innovative designs and strong plastic products. We have chosen to use polyethylene for a number of reasons. Find out why it’s ideal for mining, agriculture and transportation accessories below.

Polyethylene: the facts

Easy to mould

Polyethylene is a plastic with the ability to withstand high temperatures over a prolonged period, maintaining its stability while being moulded into the desired shape.

Consistently uniform

Its consistency means that uniform thickness is assured, an important feature of our products.

Strong and reliable

At Global Rotomoulding we use low-density polyethylene, as it’s stiff, strong and stress crack resistant. We focus across the board to make sure our strong plastic products can handle the requirements of any agricultural or industrial job.

Food Grade

Our products have a wide variety of uses. Our transportable tanks, in particular, can store anything from grain to diesel. We make sure that our plastic is food grade and can hygienically store feed for your cattle while also maintaining hazardous chemicals. All of our tanks are even colour coded according to appropriate usage.

UV resistant

Our products are produced with longevity and durability in mind. This is why all of our plastics are UV resistant and made to withstand the Australian summer outdoors.

Rust and corrosion resistant

One of the main advantages of utilising plastic over steel is that all of our products are still sturdy, but will not rust. Plastic is better suited to survive the harsh Australian climate and weather.


Because our plastic is low-density, it is also light. This is especially convenient in our range of rural vehicle accessories as it means the majority of the weight in the ute bed can be used for tools rather than the actual toolbox.


Because our products are lightweight, we build in features that allow them to be weighed down when needed. As such, products like our ballast trough can be moved around a paddock easily, but weighed down once situated to stop weather and cattle from pushing it over.

Double Walled

Weighing our products is achieved through their double-wall mould. The inner and outer skin in the ballast trough can be filled with water to stabilise it. The double walling also provides increased durability by placing less pressure on particular points, minimising cracking.

Sound like plastic rotomoulding is the perfect solution for your needs? Contact Global now to discuss innovative ideas, existing products and how we can help you get the most out of your equipment!


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