Rotomoulding Innovations: Fan Cowl

In this case study, we take a look at the development process of the Fan Cowl and walk you through some of the benefits of using rotomoulded products in the agricultural industry.


At Global Rotomoulding, we’re passionate about developing innovative products that meet our client’s expectations. And the Quantum Mist Fan Cowl is no exception!

What is the Quantum Mist Fan Cowl?

Made in collaboration with Trymak and Croplands Equipment, the Quantum Mist Fan Cowl was designed to improve spray coverage and crop protection on Australian farms. The fans are fitted to a tractor drawn spraying trailer with rotomoulded tanks and give farmers the ability to spray multiple rows of crops at once.

See the Fan Cowl in action:

Innovative Design

When Croplands and Trymak approached us to help them develop this project, they were looking for a product that would set a new benchmark for quality and functionality in the agricultural industry. They provided us with a comprehensive brief and asked us to develop an innovative product which would meet the functional requirements of the end user.

Some of the non-negotiable requirements for the Fan Cowl were:

  • Easy assembly
  • Minimum number of parts
  • Low part cost
  • Safe to operate
  • Will not damage crops
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Tough rotomoulded cowl
  • Fully adjustable clamping system

Rotomoulding Innovations: Fan Cowl

Rotomoulding Innovations: Fan Cowl

Custom Solutions

During the development phase of the Fan Cowl, we had to overcome many practical design hurdles. For example, for the fan to work efficiently it relies on a tight dimensional tolerance between the inner wall of the cowl and the fan blade. This was a big problem for us because the temperatures in Mildura — where our Victorian offices are located — can fluctuate by up to 25° in a single day, making it incredibly difficult to assemble the parts together without variations.

To overcome this problem, we came up with an innovative solution! We removed all of the parts from the tools at a certain temperature to ensure consistent sizing, and then placed them in an assembly jig. We also made the decision to put some of the parts together during the final stages of the cooling process to guarantee that the individual moldings would fit together.

Rotomoulding Technology

As a result, the end user is presented with a product that offers improved efficiency and outstanding performance. Some other benefits of using rotomoulding technology in the agricultural industry include:

  • Greater durability and no weld lines
  • UV stabilised for the harsh Australian conditions
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • No rust, corrosion or weak joints
  • Environmentally-friendly plastic


Global Rotomoulding are experts at developing custom-made moulds and innovative rotomoulded products. If you’re interested in producing rotomoulded components, send us an enquiry or give us a call today: 1800 666 333.


Photo Credit | Croplands

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