Benefits of Rotomoulding

Rotomoulding, or rotational moulding, is a plastic manufacturing method with great design, production, and economical advantages.

From lower production costs to reduced environmental impact, we take a look at some of the best reasons to use rotomoulding for your next big project!

A smarter design

There are several benefits of rotomoulding that other plastic fabrication methods can’t match. To begin with, the products themselves are made from one piece of plastic, rather than welding or bolting together various components. This means that each product has greater durability and is less likely to fall apart or break due to weak joints and corroded weld lines. The process of rotomoulding also allows for a wide range of shapes, designs and products that simply could not be made with other materials. In addition, the precise application of molten plastic means that you can create a uniform wall thickness, even at corners and defined angles, therefore reinforcing the product’s overall strength and sturdiness.

Injection moulding vs. rotomoulding

In comparison to injection moulding, which is a common technique used to inject molten plastic into a metal mould, rotomoulding has less stress points and greater uniformity. Rotomoulding is a low-pressure process involving heat and rotation, which means that, unlike in injection moulding, high strength moulds are not needed to withstand the pressure. The slow rotation process used in rotomoulding fuses the resins together in uniform layers with fewer stress points. Therefore, rotomoulded products are very structurally more sound and have excellent load-bearing properties.

Superior plastic

At Global Tanks, our rotomoulded products are made from UV stabilised polyethylene for protection from ultraviolet radiation and long-term degradation by the sun. This is great for products that are designed for outdoor use, like water tanks, agricultural tanks, troughs or livestock feeders. Unlike other water tanks made from metal, our rotomoulding is also rust and corrosion resistant, which means that it has a longer lifespan and a lower risk of leakage. Our plastic is also food-grade and can withstand most acids, chemicals, seawater, and alkalis, making it safe to store fruits, vegetables, other fresh produce, and hazardous materials.

Lower production costs

Rotomoulded products are made using a single mould, which can be reused multiple times. The lead time for a mould is fairly short and each one is relatively inexpensive to make (once the pattern has been designed). This allows for large-scale production runs and repeated manufacturing at a lower cost. The durability and strong design of rotomoulded products also means that less money will be spent on repairing damaged products, and consumers will be happier with a long-lasting purchase.

Reduced environmental impact

One of the leading benefits of rotomoulding is the process is environmentally friendly. No chemicals, gases or dangerous toxins are released into the atmosphere during production, and there is no material wastage. It takes less fuel to make products with plastic because it is a lighter material than metal or wood, and the plastic is 100% recyclable. This means that we have a low carbon footprint, and with every product that is recycled we reduce the amount of raw materials being mined from the earth.

Easy to use

Because of their light weight, rotomoulded plastic products are much easier to transport. Especially our rural vehicle accessories, like our tool boxes, tractor canopies, ute tanks, rope box, and grain auger hopper. When compared to metal, even our 45,000-litre tank is easy to move and install. Our plastic septic tanks are also a lot easier to clean and maintain because the plastic does not break down or rust.


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