Safety and Manufacturing Standards of Plastic Products

At Global Rotomoulding, we take pride in delivering products that comply with Australian safety and manufacturing standards.

All of our products are made with care, vigilance and the highest level of caution to ensure that they are fit for use by you…our valued customers! Here are some of the reasons why we believe that our products are some of the safest on the market:

1. Plastic products that are safe for food

At Global Rotomoulding, we manufacture polyethylene (plastic) products that comply with the AS/NZS 2070 Australian Standard. This means that our products are food-grade safe and are capable of storing goods which are fit for human consumption.

Our plastic is also BPA-free, which means that there is no chance that bisphenol A (a harmful industrial chemical) could seep into your food or beverages. Exposure to BPA has been linked with poor behaviour in children and infants, and has been shown to have negative health effects on the brain.

During our manufacturing process, we use only raw materials and processing aids that are formulated to be suitable for food use or that are known to be safe for contact with food. All of our raw materials are correctly segregated and can easily be identified to ensure that we never accidently use the wrong material or mix things up by mistake. We work really hard at preventing contamination within our machinery, and we maintain a high level of hygiene.

Some of our most popular food storage products include our livestock troughs and feeders, water storage tanks, and aquaculture tanks.

2. Water storage tanks that are safe for drinking

At Global Rotomoulding, we manufacture tanks that comply with the AS 4020 Australian and New Zealand Standard. This means that our tanks are suitable for use in contact with drinking water. The AS 4020 standard requires that our tanks do not affect the taste or appearance of water, do not support the growth of microorganisms and do not release metals or compounds which are toxic to living cells. All of our tanks have been thoroughly tested and assessed to see how they react with water, and have been declared safe for use.

We manufacture a range of different water storage tanks including: urban tanks, above ground tanks, domestic underground tanks, vehicle tanks, and transportable tanks.

3. We are consistent and efficient in our practices

Global Rotomoulding have been an Australian and New Zealand ISO 9001 certified company since 2004. This means that we are committed to delighting our customers, meeting their needs, and delivering products on time without fault. We aim to prevent problems before they become an issue, maintain close relationships with our suppliers, and treat our employees fairly and with respect.

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