Custom RotoMoulding

Global Roto-Moulding is an industry leader

in rotational moulded plastic in an

imaginative way

Custom Rotational Moulding

A reimagining of product design

Full-Service Custom Rotomoulding

Our commitment to custom rotational moulding is absolute and we’re always striving the World Class Standard in excellence in manufacturing.

The services we offer our customer include:


Concept design

Our technical R&D skills combined with our unique alliances with world-class product engineers has led us design new complex products that decreased weight, maximise volume, and reduced product costs.


Full Product Design

Global Rotomoulding will work with your engineers and designers. Our experienced rotomoulding team know what can and can’t be done with plastic, and offer full product specifications.


Mould manufacturing

High-quality moulds are the essential component of consistent fabrication. So to ensure your satisfaction, Global is certified to the to ISO 9001 standard which forms the backbone of everything we do.


High-capacity manufacturing

Ready for any job size, Global operates seven ovens over two local sites to minimise risk. We also manufacture off-shore through our manufacturing partners for extra capacity.

Advantages of Global Rotomoulding

Custom Production

The rotational moulding process is ideal for custom projects.
Essentially, we can design and manufacture any project as longs as it’s hollow. So while that includes tanks, rotational moulding can be used to manufacture custom automotive products, agricultural troughs and planters, or even playground equipment.

Modern Fabrication

Many products that are still made out of metals could easily be made out of plastic.
Once the mould is made, manufacture is fast and relatively inexpensive. The end product is also substantially lighter, meaning it takes less people or energy to move, install, or transport. The craft of rotomoulding takes years to perfect, but skilled engineers can make just about anything today out of plastic.

World-Class Standard

Operational excellence is a hallmark quality of any custom fabrication company.
It’s why some of the biggest and most successful businesses choose Global to design and manufacture their plastic products. The ISO 9001:2015 standard was a highly successful standard and is the guarantee our business consistently satisfies customers and meets regulatory standards.

Market Leader in Innovation

Global sets itself apart as a leader and innovator of fabricating plastic products.

Choose Global because we:

  • Manufacture innovative custom products for Thales-Hawkei, FLSmidth & Bell Environmental.
  • Provide turnkey, complete product realisation – from concept to manufacture and anything in between.
  • Own a 5.6m Reinhard oven, their biggest ever made, that’s so efficient it has reduced our carbon footprint.
  • Are a multi-award winning Australian company for both design and business success, and
  • Ensure consistent quality and customer satisfaction through the professional standard ISO 9001:2015 certification.

If you want a product designed and it has to be done well, there’s Global Rotomoulding and then there’s everyone else. We know that’s a bold statement, but it’s true.