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Installation Requirements for Camel Series Tanks

1. Handling

• Move the tank by lifting, using the lifting points on the sides or top of the tank.
• Do not drop the tank.
• Do not drag the tank across rough surfaces.

2. Site Preparation

• Global Rotomoulding or their agents do not take any responsibilities for the preparation of the tank site or the installation of its products. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser, or their agent to ensure that the site has been prepared in accordance with these instructions and maintained on an ongoing basis.
• Placement of tanks must conform to local & statutory regulations.

3. Site Selection

• The Skinny and the Urban Camels must be placed on a suitable concrete slab at least 100 mm wider and longer than the tank or tank group.
• The concrete must be a suitably designed reinforced concrete foundation slab (of minimum characteristic compressive strength of 25 MPa overlying stable foundation material.
• The surface finish must be smooth and level.

4. Installations

• All pipes must be well supported and not dependant on the tank wall for stability.
• An inline filter must be installed between the tank and the pump to protect appliances connected to pump delivery.
• Tank overflow must be run well away from the tank base (at least 6m / 20’) to avoid undermining the base.
• Tank overflow must be run well away from the tank base (at least 6m / 20’) to avoid undermining the base.
• A flexible coupling must be installed between the tank and pipe work to avoid stress on the tank wall.
• The tanks MUST not be moved from its original installation.
• Tanks MUST be installed with a clearance between the tank wall and any other structures such as buildings, fences, other tanks, etc. The minimum clearance required is 7% of the tank width (or the tank diameter divide by 15)
• Tank installation must comply with local council requirements.

Please note that the Urban Camel Tanks have not been designed to support any externally applied live load to the roof of the tank. This
includes using the roof of the tank for access or a surface for stacked materials and/or equipment. Non Compliance with either of these requirements will void product warranty and certification.