Global Tanks and the Industrial Digital Revolution

Implementing smart technologies and systems has been a priority for our team at Global Tanks over the last couple of years. Our focus has and always will be to ensure we are providing our clients with excellent service, and with The Enterprise Resource programm (ERP) and Production and QA app, we are capable of just that; to create an improved customer experience. It is also an important tool for our team to monitor our ongoing processes and assess how and where we can improve in the future to continue to provide the top level of service and products our customers are used to!

Alongside this, from the moment a customer calls or emails our office, we can prepare customised and tailored quotes and information. Once an order is placed in the system, our logistics team starts working on planning the customer’s delivery and begins work on the production schedule. This is similar to a huge game of Tetris where we are monitoring the production of 4 ovens on each of our sites.

Once the product is planned for production, our procurement staff run reports to ensure all the components needed for the product are in stock. The production staff is then able to work off their app which gives them the schedule for producing your custom made product.

A hugely beneficial part of the system is that it allows us to track all times and processes of production ensuring everything is on track and your production is meeting key performance indicators (KPI). When the product is ready, it undergoes its own individual quality check and upon meeting its required criteria, it is packaged and ready to go to its new home. Our friendly staff in the office are then able to finalise the order in the system, to be coordinated between the logistics team and customer to ensure the product gets to our customers in a timely manner.

Not only does the new and improved seamless digital system improve current orders but if a customer contacts us again, we can easily help them with products they have previously purchased or recommend future products based on their records.

We have put this system in place to further increase our efficiency, continue to manufacture high-quality custom rotomoulding, and ensure we can deliver on time. From day one, we have aimed to consistently deliver world-class service and innovation to our customers and this is the next step in that process. To experience the industry leaders in plastic moulding, give our team a call or contact us here today.

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