How Poly Tanks Help During a National Pandemic

With panic buyers consistently raiding the shelves of supermarkets out of fear over the COVID-19 pandemic, we are once again reminded of the important role agriculture plays in the everyday lives of Australians. As we face a challenging health crisis, Australian’s are more aware than ever of the need for supermarket essentials and basic health foods.

Supermarket chains across the country are under extreme pressure to have their shelves stocked and restocked in this time of uncertainty, and it’s our responsibility as farmers and agriculturalists, to provide the stock. The good news is we have more than enough produce to keep up with the demand.

Queensland’s farmers are Australia’s leading supplier of fruit, vegetables and nuts, producing more than 120 different types of produce from various different growing regions stretching from Stanthorpe to Lakelands and everywhere in between. In fact, every winter, more than 90% of the fresh vegetables in major supermarkets across the country are grown in Queensland and we expect this winter will be no different.

The silver lining in all this chaos is that horticulturalists across the state are expecting their peak in production to align almost exactly with the peak in coronavirus cases, which means Australians will be well supplied with food throughout each and every step of this pandemic. What’s more, it’s exactly these kinds of fresh fruit and veggies that are enriched with vitamins and nutrition which are essential in building up our immune systems and health. Research has proven, beyond doubt, these kinds of foods are essential in fighting off all kinds of infection and disease.

Queensland has an absolutely vital role in helping our nation combat this health crisis. If we want to continue enjoying nutritious food and have it readily available, it’s crucial we support our horticulture industry in the coming months and ensure we have all of the necessary components for a very successful farming season.

As this coronavirus continues to sweep the nation and the globe, one of the best defences we can build is a healthy body and immune system. Ensure you are getting your daily dose of fruit, vegetables, and nuts to maintain nutrition levels and boost your immune system. We particularly recommend any citrus fruits, broccoli, garlic, ginger, spinach, and almonds.

Global Roto Moulding is proud to supply Australian farmers with Rainwater tanks, fertigation tanks and Spray tanks enabling them to deliver food in this time of need.
Global works with over 30 OEM’s making critical components to supply the agricultural industry.

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