Silo Series: Lascelles – Rone

Welcome to the second edition of our Silo Series! As previously mentioned, the team at Global Tanks loves to get outdoors and explore the natural beauty of Australia, especially when it involves tanks! A few members of the team headed out to the Silo Art Trail in Victoria, which stretches over 200km, making it the largest of its kind in Australia. Various artists were commissioned to create art on the silos in collaboration with the Yarriambiack Shire Council, International Street Art Agency Juddy Roller, Victorian Government, Australian Government, and GrainCorp, who donated the silos as canvases for the artists’ work.

For the second article of the series, Global Tanks are excited to share the Lascelles Silo, which was built back in 1939. Melbourne based artist, Rone, amazingly transformed this silo in just 2 weeks!


Rone’s unique style stems from a strong love of art he saw on the street. Having studied graphic design, he slowly worked his way up from small stencil work to large-scale murals. He shares on the Silo Art Trail blog that “in order for him to capture the true essence of Lascelles, he needed to learn about the town from those who were deeply connected to it”.

The artist carefully went about the project, understanding the dynamics of the silo’s existing raw concrete tones. He utilised a monochromatic palette, adding water to his paint as a blending tool to produce a ghosty, transparent effect, which he classes as a signature of his distinct style.

In the artwork, he depicts a local farming couple Geoff and Merrilyn Horman, who is part of a family who has lived and farmed in the area for four generations! Rone wanted his artwork to portray his subjects as ‘wise and knowing’. This was to foster the town’s future that is inclusive of their long lineage of farming experience, combined with the longstanding connection to the area.

The team loved exploring this silo, and most of all enjoyed how distinctive each artist is with their style and method.

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