Animal Management: Choosing the right trough

When it comes to looking after your animals, it is a job that requires taking care of the unexpected when it happens and also putting the right equipment and systems in place to ensure things run smoothly far more often than not. Choosing the right trough for different animals, alongside knowing which ball valve you should be using based on the pressure of your water are essential considerations for any farmer.

Several factors come into play when selecting the right trough for your different animals. Possibly one of the most important features is the material of the trough. Unlike metal troughs, our range of Polyethylene troughs are completely rust-resistant and are not heat-conducive, meaning the contents stay cooler for longer periods.

Often the weak-point for most troughs is the valve and with an extensive number of variations to choose from, which one really is best? To begin with, make sure you choose a valve rated to your water supply pressure this is key. Generally, we recommend two kinds of valves a low or high-pressure float valve. The Low-pressure valve is good for applications with pressure below 25PSI. A high-pressure valve is good for applications that have pressure up to 120PSI. It is also useful to remember that valves placed further down a hill have a higher shutoff pressure requirement than those positioned higher up.

If you are tossing up between plastic, brass, stainless steel, or bronze and you have acidic water, some brass valves can leave material behind as they are more likely to leach zinc from alloy. The vast majority valves we supply are brass, but we also do stock stainless steel in our victorian factory.

While the practicalities of finding the right trough are crucial for keeping animals healthy, it is just as important to look at the feed for cattle when the quantity and quality of available feed become low due to drought. Fortified molasses is an easily accessible option suitable for drought feeding bigger numbers of stock. With Queensland molasses, specifically, being low in protein, it must be fortified by adding protein to balance the feed.

Our team at Global Tanks, want to help our customers select the best products for their needs. Whether it’s a Molasses Lick or a trough, get in contact today to find the perfect solution for your animals.

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