Our Business Practices

Global Roto-Moulding is an industry leader

in moulding plastic in an

imaginative way

Our Business Practices

Global’s Priorities and Principles


We are committed to protecting the environment through planning, engineering and prudent uses of resources and available technology.

The use of updated technology allows us to improve our carbon footprint which has us well on the way to becoming carbon neutral.

This is consistent with our overall environmental policies which see us aim to:

  1. Reduce water consumption
  2. Improve waste reduction
  3. Increase recycling of waste and products
  1. Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and statutory requirements applicable to environmental issues
  2. Avoid using environmentally damaging substances, materials, and processes as much as possible
  3. Educate staff on environmental responsibilities

Workplace Practices

Work Health & Safety

We are committed to the welfare and safety of our workforce.

We understand it is imperative to our customers for us to have comprehensive risk mitigation strategies in place.

We set high standards to manage hazards and continually monitor our systems, methods, and employee welfare, through a variety of audits and staff surveys to ensure not only safe work practices but happy, healthy staff. We involve all personnel, at every level of the company, to ensure that all staff are aware of health and safety policies.

We also strive to understand our workplace culture and devote time and energy into workforce training to improve culture and work place health and safety processes. With committed and dedicated management personnel, with the cooperation and involvement of the workforce, we are able to deliver quality products and services to the industry without compromising safety.


We are committed to the principle of equal opportunities in education, employment, and welfare for staff.

global-rotmoulding-staff-training-500x393This commitment is consistent with the principle of justice, enquiry, and pursuit of excellence, which also applies and conforms to the spirit and intent of equal opprtunity and anti-discrimination legislation.

We have developed a comprehensive orientation and training program for all staff to ensure appropriate training and knowledge to manufacture each product to our customers’ specifications and requirements. Quality is an integral part of the production cycle and we use lean manufacturing principles to ensure one piece flow and quality is achieved in every aspect of the processes.


We have been a AS/NZS 9001:2015 certified company since 2004.

This Certification forms the back bone four our business and is integrated into all of our processes, allowing us to be consistent and efficient in our business and manufacturing practice and informs our customers of the standards at which our company operates.

The policy embraces the following principles:

  1. Our main aim is to delight our customers, and to deliver products on time and without faults
  2. We want to prevent problems before they occur, not fix them after they happen
  3. Our suppliers are important to us so we work closely with them to achieve the best results we can for our customers
  4. Our employees are VERY important in helping us improve the way we do things. So we train them so they understand our system, we give them procedures and guide lines to work with, and we listen to them when they suggest changes
  5. Our management team is committed to AS/NSZ 9001:2015 and producing quality products. We lead by example, ensure training, and listen to our customers and staff
  6. We set goals to work to and measure ourselves against in order to see how well we achieved our goals