Can diesel be stored in plastic tanks?

At Global Rotomoulding, our tanks are built for more than just water storage. Spend a minute on our website and you will see our product offering includes; septic tanks, spray tanks, cartage tanks, fertigation tanks, mixing tanks, molasses tanks, diesel tanks… you get the point… we have a lot of tanks!

Today, we want to talk about the last item on that list, diesel tanks, and answer a frequently asked question ‘Can diesel be stored in plastic tanks?’

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Can diesel be stored in plastic tanks?

To put it simply, yes! But before you go down to the local servo and fill up your water bottle with some diesel (which we definitely do not recommend) it is important to know that not all plastics are made equal!

Polyethylene is the most commonly used plastic in the world and is the key component for everything from food packaging and cling film through to heavy-duty mining and industrial pipe. While both cling wrap and industrial pipe are made from polyethene, they vary greatly due to the process and density in which they are made.

Our diesel tanks and bunded diesel tanks are moulded with diesel-grade, chemical-resistant linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and feature heavy-duty stillage.

At Global Rotomoulding, we manufacture polyethylene (plastic) products that comply with the AS/NZS 2070 Australian Standard. Any product that we promote as chemical-resistant or chemical-storing has been through rigorous testing.

Rest assured your diesel can be safely stored in our purpose-built poly tanks!

What are the benefits of plastic diesel tanks?

Traditionally, steel tanks have been the first choice for all types of storage including diesel, but why?

Plastic diesel tanks don’t accelerate the ageing process like metal tanks

The ageing process of diesel is accelerated when:

  • It comes into contact with zinc, copper or metal alloys
  • It comes into contact with water
  • It is exposed to high temperatures
  • It is exposed to dust and dirt

Our diesel grade poly tanks:

Plastic diesel tanks are easier to move around

When was the last time you picked up a metal cartage tank by yourself? Unless you are The Hulk, you would probably need 4-6 men to load or move a metal cartage tank.

That is what makes plastic cartage diesel tanks far superior. These tanks are strong, yet light enough to be carried by one person. This is particularly great for people in mining, industrial and agricultural industries where teams are typically smaller and it can be hard to rally a team of guys around to help.

What tanks can I use to store diesel?

When storing chemicals, like diesel, it is important to purchase trusted and reputable products. The team here at Global Tanks have years of experience, accreditation to support it and have even worked with Thales, prototyping moulds and off tool samples for diesel and water tanks for a Hawkei project. When it comes to diesel tanks, we know what we are talking about.

Transportable diesel tank

Our entire cartage tank range is available as diesel storage. To avoid confusion and ensure customer safety, each of our tank types is assigned their own colour. The diesel tanks are grey. You can view our tank colour guide here.

Features of the traditional cartage tanks:

  • UV Stabilised for Australian conditions
  • Free-standing with integrated feet
  • Optional sump
  • Pin mounted
  • Suitable for a large range of chemicals

View our range of traditional diesel cartage tanks.

Features of the premium tank range:

  • Pin Mounted Diesel Cartage Tank
  • Separate high strength feet
  • Smooth internal tank surface aids drainage
  • Easy to clean due to smooth internal service
  • Designed for optimal agitation
  • Optional water holding tank in foot
  • UV stabilized for Australian conditions

View our range of premium diesel cartage tanks.

Bunded diesel tank

Our bunded diesel tanks come in 400ltr or 600ltr. They are a safe, reliable, secure and portable solution for your diesel storage.

Features of the bunded diesel tank:

  • Secure nozzle location including 4m hose
  • Drip tray
  • 80ltr per min pump
  • Flowmeter
  • Enclosed diesel tank
  • Outer bund protection
  • Hold down strap location
  • Provision for larger pumps/alternative applications

View our range of bunded diesel tanks.

Want to know more about diesel storage? See our bunded diesel tanks range or speak to one of our tank experts – 1800 666 333.

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