Chemical Storage Tanks: Poly Tanks For A Wide Range Of Chemicals

Are you looking for a tank to store and transport chemicals? One that is durable and can withstand the harsh Australian climate? Well, you’ve come to the right place! At Global Rotomoulding, we specialise in developing and supplying chemical storage tanks that will stand the test of time. Read on to find out more about our poly tanks that are built to safely house a wide range of chemicals.

Key features of our cartage and spray tanks

UV stabilised

At Global Rotomoulding, we build our products with UV20 Stabilised Polyethylene which is designed to withstand the Australian climate.

Chemical resistant polyethylene

Our range of chemical cartage tanks are built with chemical resistant polyethylene, ensuring the longevity of your tank.

Tested for strength and stability

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with strong, stable and reliable products. That’s why we conduct a series of thickness tests on our key products.

5 year warranty

You can have peace of mind that your chemical storage tank will stand the test of time, with our 5 Year Quality Product Warranty for the replacement or repair of your tank.

Variety of sizes and options

Cartage and spray tanks

Do you need a specific size or type of cartage tank for your chemicals? Rest assured our chemical tanks, including our fertilizer and diesel tanks, are available in a variety of sizes and mounting options. Choose from our range of small sprayers, traditional small tanks, Bigfoot tanks, or Lightfoot tanks.

Shop our range of transportable tanks here.

Diesel tanks

Available in 400ltr and 600ltr options, our Bunded Diesel Tanks feature:
Secure nozzle location including 4m hose
Drip tray
Enclosed Diesel tank
Outer bund protection
Hold down strap location
Provision for larger pumps/alternative applications

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Fertilizer tanks

Choose from the following fertilizer tank sizes
2000ltr Tank
4500ltr Heavy Duty Cone Bottom Tank
5000ltr Heavy Duty cone Bottom Tank
9000ltr Heavy Duty cone Bottom Tank

Shop our range of fertilizer tanks here.

Global Rotomoulding is an Australian owned and operated industry leader. With more than thirty years of industry experience, we’re passionate about building high-quality, reliable, safe and secure chemical storage tanks to suit your specific tank needs. Looking for a chemical storage tank? Contact Global Rotomoulding today.

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