Redesign steel tanks with plastic = Improved Capacity

Do you use steel cartage tanks to carry a variety of chemicals in your job? Steel tanks may be sturdy, but they’re also subject to corrosion, rusting and tend to heat the contents of the tank on hot days. And let’s face it, this is Australia, so most days are hot days.

Are you sick of only getting a few years out of your steel tank? Or perhaps you’re worried about corrosion tainting the chemicals you courier. Worse yet, you may be experiencing chemical overspill which is rusting the tray bed of your ute or truck. If you’re dealing with these problems regularly, perhaps it’s time to invest in a poly tank.

Poly cartage tanks

Plastic cartage tanks are light, durable and store a wide range of chemicals. Global’s cartage tanks are made out of low-density polyethylene and come in a variety of sizes. They are manufactured using the rotomoulding method, which means that they do not experience the stress on joints that leads to cracking, which is often a steel tank’s undoing.


cartage tank range


Rotomoulding involves heating, melting and moulding plastic into the desired shape, so you know that your plastic tank is going to be able to withstand those hot Australian Summers! All of Global’s cartage tanks are UV stabilised, so you don’t have to worry about the sun affecting the contents of your cartage tank.

Bunded diesel tanks

Global manufactures transportable tanks specifically to carry diesel. These tanks are double walled for extra security and include provisions for hoses and alternating applicators. There is a drip tray incorporated into its overall design to avoid those pesky leakages that can pool in, and rust your ute tray bed.

bunded diesel tank

Small Sprayers

If you’re after small spray tanks to chuck on the back of your ute, we offer a range of high-quality sprayers from 35L-800L. These come in both strap mounted and insert mounted designs for easy installation and security. Choose from built-in sumps and a range of outlets to suit your individual needs.

Larger tanks

Our larger cartage tanks, designed to be carried by trucks, range from 1000L-15000L. A selection of these come with high strength feet which provide double walling and even have the option of containing an additional water tank for improved capacity. Their smooth internal surfaces aid with drainage and cleaning. They are available as chemical, diesel, molasses and fertigation tanks.


bigfoot cartage tank


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