Plastic Design & Manufacturing Using Rotational Moulding

Plastic design and manufacturing using rotational moulding is a modern method for modern products – enabling new products to be designed to be light, strong, and durable.

Rotational moulding is producing increasingly creative designs and shapes, and solving many common product limitations! Once a mould is made, even complex products can be repeatedly reproduced with ease.

New product designs are often commissioned to reduce weight, increase volume, or both. For example, a diesel tank can be made to fit the available space in a vehicle, and unbelievably lightweight machine casings can be produced with incredible precision and efficiency.

Innovation is constant, and new product concepts are making their way to the market each and every year.

Here are some products examples of what has been made recently.

  • Food-grade safe equipment: seedling planters, heavy-duty molasses cartage tanks, aquaponics equipment.
  • Chemicals: agricultural sprayers, pest control equipment, diesel tanks.
  • Agricultural: Fan cowl cover, toolboxes, tractor canopies.
  • Homewares: Furniture, toys, sporting equipment, gardening equipment.
  • Medical: surgical equipment, therapeutic aids, cabinets for equipment.
  • Industrial: Bunded tanks, machinery casing, fire-fighting tanks.

Finishes are as varied as the products that are made.

Finishes include a fine polish look, or can be textured or unfinished, so your product can shine brightly or feel more hardwearing. Details or instructions can also be embossed permanently in the mould, so important details will never fade or rub off not matter how much they’re used.


Advantages of rotational moulding design:


The polyethylene used in rotomoulding is protected from long-term degradation caused by the sun. It is so durable that it’s used in rural water tanks for Australia’s harshest places, as well as livestock feeders and troughs that sit in the scorching sun for days on end.


Plastic products don’t rust, and agricultural tanks have been using plastic for years. Now, toolboxes, diesel tanks, machine casings and even trailers are being made with plastic that will never rust – and will last longer before having to be replaced.


Where alternative product designs risk weld lines that corrode and are a weakness, rotomoulding products are a durable one-piece design. So diesel tanks, engine casings, and even a complete box trailer, are highly impact resistant and incredibly durable.


Uniform wall thickness can be achieved by experienced rotomoulders. When using uniform all the way to the corners and angles, as the molten plastic takes shape, you have a very strong and very durable product.


Polyethylene products are lighter than other materials such as metal, wood or concrete. The benefits include:

  • Lighter products: The products themselves are light enough to make products like toolboxes and grain hoppers.
  • Improved logistics: Transport becomes cheaper, especially for large products or large production runs.
  • Easier installation: For example, septic tanks and water tanks require less people and equipment to install.



Affordable moulds

Moulds are relatively inexpensive to make. In Rotomoulding, molten plastic is rotated within a mould; a low-pressure process. This makes them affordable to reproduce to rapidly scale production (as opposed to injection moulding). For example, complex shapes would require a cast aluminium mould, while a large industrial fluid tank would be crafted from sheet metal.

Fast and economical reproduction

A quickly scalable manufacturing process. With each mould made, continual production can commence at low cost. Needing basically only an oven and plastic, and with a short lead time, production can be scaled according to production needs.

Environmentally friendly

The plastic used in rotomoulding is 100% recyclable. The rotational moulding production process uses no chemicals, gases, or dangerous toxins during production. By investing in high-efficiency machines and leading industry standards, rotomoulding companies can actively support low-carbon footprint business practices.

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