Profitable Plastic Manufacturing With Rotational Moulding

There are many reasons why our customers are drawn to rotomoulding when it comes to producing quality plastic products. One of the most attractive, however, is that the cost of manufacturing is significantly lower than other methods such as injection moulding.

Quality moulds.

Rotational moulding and plastic go hand-in-hand. At Global, we use low-density polyethylene as the material of choice for the rotational moulding process. This is because it’s light, durable and crack resistant. Using low-density polyethylene means that the moulds we produce can be very detailed, while being less costly than injection moulds, which need to be heavier to endure more pressure.

When producing products using rotational moulding, the mould is often the biggest investment during the entire process. Once the mould is perfect, you can rest assured that each product, as a result, will be top notch.

Cost-efficient manufacturing.

Once we’ve made a mould that produces the exact product you’re looking for, it’s easy for Global to replicate these. This means that you aren’t forking out too much money for offshore manufacturing. It also means that you can make orders in smaller runs without having to sacrifice quality, or order in bulk unnecessarily to meet minimum requirements for manufacturing. In saying this, Global have seven ovens over two sites and can handle high capacity production while minimising risks by spreading the load. Global can handle small or large product runs without stressing your wallet.

A final product that will last.

With rotational moulding, you’re not only getting your products made for less, but they’ll also have a long lifespan. Sound too good to be true? Have a look at how durable the Tuffmate2000 trailer is!

Global collaborated with Trailers 2000 to make this beauty a reality. Rust resistant? Check. Strong as a rhino? Check. Crack resistant? Check. UV stabilised? Check. Impervious to chemicals? Check. When you collaborate with Global, you’re getting exactly what you need.

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