Finding an Australian manufacturer for your plastic product

Are you looking for a manufacturer for your plastic product? You may be tempted to send the work overseas, but what if you could keep business in Australia? There are many factors to consider when manufacturing plastic products and an Australian manufacturer may just be the perfect fit for the job!

In this article we discuss what you need to consider when looking for a plastic manufacturer and why choosing an Australian manufacturer for your plastic product may be of benefit to you.

Keep costs down with rotational moulding

Do you know what type of plastic manufacturing is best for your product design? There are a variety of ways in which you can manufacture your product. These processes can range from expensive 3D printing to more cost-effective rotational moulding.

By utilising a mould, rotational moulding keeps production costs fairly low. It also allows complex shapes to be moulded as one part, instead of multiple parts which need to be joined together, which introduces weaknesses. Combined with ovens to manufacture, and polyethylene to create the products, rotational moulding is a scalable and cost-effective way of building your plastic product en masse.

Global Rotomoulding is a leading Australian provider of rotational moulding with extensive experience designing and manufacturing unique plastic products. And by choosing a local company to manufacture your plastic product, you’ll even save on the logistics moving it around the country!

Ensure your product will be finished on time, to the highest quality

When manufacturing your plastic product, it’s important to be aware of when your absolute cut-off date for delivery will be. Choosing to manufacture your product in Australia typically results in a faster turnaround. This turn around is usually due to a variety of factors, including far smaller wait times with shipping and the ability to contact the manufacturer during business hours that are similar to your own.

Does your plastic product need to be designed?

Have you got an idea for a product but don’t have a design? Designing your plastic product hand-in-hand with the manufacturer can ensure your idea is brought to life, precisely the way you want it. You’ll also have the benefit of working with experts who have years of manufacturing plastic products.

Choosing an Australian manufacturer who can complete both the design and the manufacturing will allow you to troubleshoot face-to-face any ideas and issues which may occur, rather than over the phone. Global Rotomoulding has successfully brought many new products to market, including children’s play equipment, fire-fighting water tanks, and underground water retention systems.

Australian manufacturers who work with you to bring your vision to life

Global Rotomoulding is a leading Australian plastic manufacturer, specialising in custom and innovative designs. Using the latest technology and with over 30 years of experience in the industry, we are extremely passionate about utilising plastic beyond the obvious purposes. If you’re looking for an Australian manufacturer for your plastic product, contact Global Rotomoulding today.

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