Fundraising For Livestock Farmers in Broken Hill

After eight months of lobbying, producers in the Far West regions of NSW are breathing a sigh of relief after the NSW Government opened applications for water rebates. As part of the Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme, this funding provides drought-affected livestock farmers with a rebate of up to $25,000.

This much-needed fiscal support is welcomed by farmers in Broken Hill and surrounding areas. The rebate covers 25% of the costs associated with purchasing, delivering and installing on-farm water infrastructure for animal welfare needs. We have spoken about on-farm rebates before – you can read more here. Although this is not a full rebate, it does provide significant help to farmers in NSW, especially in Broken Hill and surrounding areas who have suffered severe hardship from the drought.

Can the rebate be used for tanks?

Global Tanks is pleased to report that the rebate can be used to buy and install water storage for livestock. Purchasing pieces of equipment that improve water supply have a good return on investment for farmers, so it is wise to take advantage of this rebate before it’s too late!

Which tank should you choose?

With a wide range of water storage tanks and agricultural products, Global Tanks can help you tailor a solution to fit your needs. Our team of experts will work with you to find a suitable product which meets the requirements of the rebate. All Global Tanks products can be purchased directly from us online or via telephone order.

How long will the rebate be available?

The rebate will only be available until July 30, 2021, or when the funding allocation is exhausted, whichever comes first. However, the beauty of this rebate is that it can be backdated to costs that farms incurred from July 1, 2018. If you’d like to apply for the Emergency Water Infrastructure online form, click here. This online application form will allow you to get started in the process.

If you haven’t purchased any water resource products for your farm, contact Global Tanks to get a head start on ensuring your farm is ready and equipped for any future droughts. We can be contacted online via our contact us page or directly via telephone on 1800 666 333.

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