How to Design and Manufacture Unconventional New Plastic Products

Have you got a product idea that’s a little out of the ordinary? Are you trying to get the show on the road but keep being held back by frustrating material constraints? It’s time to look at manufacturing your new product with plastic. There are so many benefits to using plastic as the material of choice for your product! It’s sturdy, lightweight and rust-resistant, just to name a few. And when combining plastic with the manufacturing method of rotational moulding, you have an unbeatable team! You’ll be able to create shapes and sizes that have previously been restricted by other materials’ limitations. Let’s take a closer look at how the world can truly be your oyster with plastic rotational moulding.

The benefits of plastic as a product material

So why make your product out of plastic rather than metal? The answers are manifold and straightforward:

  • Plastic is lightweight, yet incredibly robust. Metal might be strong, but it’s also extremely heavy, skyrocketing installation costs because a team of professionals are needed to move and secure cumbersome metal products.
  • Plastic will not rust or corrode like metal. If your product resides outside or in moisture-rich conditions, it will deteriorate quickly when made out of metal.
  • Plastic is also UV resistant. Again, if your product is made for outdoors use, this is a huge benefit in the harsh Australian conditions.
  • Plastic costs less than metal. A massive swaying point as you can manufacture larger runs of your product for less!

The benefits of rotomoulding as a manufacturing method

When you marry plastic with rotational moulding, you have a combination that will allow you to really get creative with your product. Rotational moulding is perfect for big, hollow products. Here are just some of the benefits that you’ll enjoy with a roto-moulded, plastic product:

  • There are no joints in the process of rotomoulding. This reduces the stress points of the product reducing stress cracks.
  • Rotomoulding suits a wide range of products.
  • Lower cost outlay on mould compared to blow moulding or injection moulding.
  • Moulds can be made out a variety of materials to suit your needs.
  • Rotational moulding allows you to add elements to your design such as logos, recesses, spouts and bosses.
  • You can also choose a surface finish that best suits your product, in a colour of your choice. A textured finish provides your product with a rustic, hardy look, while a speckled glossy finish will give it a stylish, sleek appearance.

What can be achieved with rotationally moulded plastic products?

Put simply, products that are a little out of the ordinary. Here at Global Roto-Moulding, we’ve had the privilege to be part of the design and manufacturing process of many innovative products that have successfully filled gaps in the market for customers. Here is just a snapshot of what is achievable when you have the right material, manufacturing method, and team to make your product come alive.
Global Rotomoulding works on a ‘just in time delivery model’, so we work with you to ensure that you can stock and order only what you need, such as:

  • Large products with small to high volumes.
  • Medium products with medium to high volumes.
  • Small products with small to medium volumes.

A trailer that doesn’t rust

Have you seen the plastic Trailers2000 TuffMate2000 trailer at Bunnings? It was manufactured using rotational moulding by the Global Roto-Moulding team! The TuffMate2000 is an incredibly strong, crack-resistant trailer that won’t rust, corrode or fade, no matter what the condition of the weather is. Customers love the TuffMate2000 because it doesn’t need continual dry storage like other metal trailers and can carry heavy loads without exceeding maximum limits (because the trailer itself is so light!).

A feeding trough that can be moved by one person

Having to recruit mates from every adjacent property just to lift and move a feeding trough can be a real pain in the neck for farmers. That’s why the team at Global put their heads together to design and manufacture a sturdy, durable, yet lightweight plastic ballast trough. Its double walling allows it to be weighted down with water so that it isn’t jostled about by livestock. But when it’s time to be moved, the water can be emptied, meaning that the entire trough can be moved by just one person!

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