The New Residential Wastewater System for Discrete Sewage

Are you or your customers looking for an easy solution to wastewater treatment for the home? Installing a wastewater treatment system can be a big task, fraught with hassles including transportation weight limitations, assembling difficulties and disappointment when the system turns out to be an eyesore on the property. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Global has designed a new residential wastewater treatment system called the Ubi Aqua 6000. It’s easy to install, incredibly efficient and totally discreet. Here’s what else you need to know about how this wastewater system makes your life easier, and why it vastly outstrips its competitors.

Perfect for large households

The Ubi Aqua wastewater system will support a household of up to 11 people. The 6000L capacity makes it ideal for the rural homes of large families, or even small community meeting chambers that are unable to connect to the main local sewage system. The system can treat up to 2000L of waste per day! It’s even equipped to handle ‘shock loads’ so everyone can rest assured that all wastewater will be processed efficiently, even when there’s a party or friends and family are staying for an extended period.

Totally discreet

One of the best things about the design of the Ubi Aqua is that once installed, the only part of the structure that is visible above ground is the lid. No unsightly sewage tanks clogging property views or the perfectly manicured garden! In fact, if landscaping is carefully considered when installing the Ubi Aqua, the treated wastewater runoff can dramatically improve the landscaping, so that they plants flourish.

Hassle-free installation

Moving a large concrete sewage tank can be an extremely difficult and costly exercise. It often needs to be couriered in several parts, and the trucks transporting these parts need to meet strict maximum load requirements. These vehicles can be tricky to source and may need to travel from major metropolitan areas. If the tank is being installed on a rural property, far from the nearest township, it can cost thousands of dollars just to get it there and in the ground. Furthermore, a tank made up of several parts also takes time and skill to put together, meaning assembly costs are high. All of these factors result in a massive upfront payment, immediately after the system is purchased.

The Ubi Aqua couldn’t be more different to the nightmare scenario described above. Firstly, the wastewater system structure is incredibly light compared to its concrete counterparts; only 695 kg! This means that it can be transported by most general access vehicles that can drive on rural dirt roads. It’s roto-moulded design also means that it comes in one complete piece – no jigsaw of parts to assemble! The Ubi Aqua is designed with sturdy lifting lugs for a crane to place the entire structure into the ground. All of this will be overseen by one of Global’s accredited installers, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

Interested in installing an Ubi Aqua wastewater treatment system on your property? Or are you a plumber interested in being part of the installation team for the Ubi Aqua wastewater treatment system? Contact Global today!

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