Benefits of Plastic Design & Manufacturing

A recent study has revealed that the low-density polyethylene (LDPE) market is set to reach $170.95 billion by 2021; a $28.94 billion increase since 2016. It’s the most commonly used plastic in the world, and its market increase is partly due to its ability to be recycled. Moving forward, companies are looking for better ways to be environmentally focused and reduce their carbon footprint. But what else makes LDPE such a coveted material when it comes to manufacturing?

Best for rotational moulding

LDPE is the perfect material for rotational moulding, and roto-moulding is a time and cost efficient way to manufacture plastic products. Unlike injection moulding, roto-moulding ensures even wall thickness in all products. This is especially important for large products that are hollow on the inside, such as water tanks or commercial garbage dumpsters, which need to withstand everything the Australian climate throws at them.

Benefits over steel

Steel is often the go-to choice when manufacturing products that need to be sturdy and strong. Most people don’t realise just how robust plastic can be! And also can’t believe that it can work just as hard as steel, at a fraction of the price.

More cost-efficient to produce

One of the main reasons people choose to manufacture with plastic instead of steel is that it’s much less costly. Once the tool is made for the roto-moulding process, prices are kept surprisingly low, especially for the repeated manufacture of the same product.


LDPE is resistant to moisture, meaning that there are no dangers of it rusting, like steel. It comes in food grade safe options too!

Less prone to stress cracking

Because there are no joints in plastic roto-moulded products, this means that they are less prone to cracking under stress.

Can store a wide range of chemicals

LDPE products are able to contain a vast range of abrasive chemicals without deteriorating. These containers will not corrode like many steel products after continual storing of chemicals.

Great for custom designs

Plastic, as a material, is great for custom designs. It’s much cheaper than other materials such as steel or aluminium, and has a longer lifespan, meaning that you get more bang for your buck. If you want a plastic product manufacture, make sure you look out for a business that includes the following:

  • Rotational moulding facilities
  • Ability to outsource injection moulding for more intricate parts
  • Tool Making expertise
  • Large industrial ovens
  • Plenty of experience in the industry
  • Award-winning designs
  • Evidence of successful custom projects
  • Collaboration with industry leaders

Leaders in plastic design

Global Roto-Moulding are leaders in the custom plastic manufacturing industry and have undergone several collaborations with high-profile clients such as Thales-Hawkei, FLSmidth and Bell Environmental. We have created custom parts for agricultural equipment, designed our very own baffle system for large cartage tanks and manufactured a completely rust-free trailer. We frequently work with our clients to solve ongoing problems that they have been experiencing, through implementing the key features of plastic design and creating a solid custom roto-moulded solution. Contact us today to discuss your next project!

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