Product Design and Development with Global Rotomoulding

Designing and developing a plastic product can be a difficult undertaking. But it doesn’t have to when partnering with Global Roto-Moulding the specialists in manufacturing durable, impact-resistant plastic products. Global Rotomoulding have been in business for over 20 years and when it comes to bringing products to life with plastic, through the process of rotational moulding, we have the knowledge to recognise what will work, and what won’t. Here at Global, we aren’t about beating around the bush, we pride ourselves in offering only valuable advice that can assist you in the design and customisation of your product ideas. We believe our industry knowledge, design and manufacturing capabilities in rotational moulding can cater for small or large scale projects.

The Global Roto-Moulding Approach

We’ve helped many businesses create custom plastic products from scratch. When we immerse ourselves in a project, we go the whole hog. That means full service, from start to finish. We partner with Trymax (Australia’s leading rotational industrial design firm) and leading FEA engineers helping create the best product to meet your needs. This is the process that we undertake with our clients:

  1. Concept design.
  2. Full product design with product specifications.
  3. Product prototyping, tooling prototyping, testing, and verifying.
  4. Tool making.
  5. Full high capacity custom-moulding facilities.
  6. Delivery.

As you can see, Global offer turnkey production services. We don’t just manufacture your product and then leave you to figure out the rest, like many product design and development companies. We believe in creating lasting relationships with our customers, becoming completely involved with a project and only delivering a product that you are 100% satisfied with. Good, old-fashioned honesty and careful craftsmanship are what we believe in.

Global shares your passion for innovation

One of the reasons why we are so dedicated to creating custom products from plastic is simply because we believe that plastic products are capable of much more than other materials. It really is the gateway to innovation. Combined with the process of rotational moulding, you’ll enjoy a product that’s strong, sleek and hardy, but incredibly light. Manufacturing a product out of plastic can solve problems, too.

Solving problems through rotational moulding

Here at Global, we pride ourselves on being professional problem-solvers for a range of industries. The following are just a few projects that we have worked on, where our expertise in plastic rotational moulding has resulted in more convenient and efficient products.

The Ludowici Exciter Guard. Manufactured for the mining industry, this plastic safety guard acts as a casing for many large machines that continuously vibrate at a very high frequency. It protects miners and is much more convenient than heavy metal guards with various fiddly components.

Baffle Bones. Global’s superior surge control system for cartage tanks reduces water movement when vehicles break and turn. In contrast to a standard ‘baffle ball’, Global’s unique baffle bones do not unclip during the mass movement of liquid and require absolutely no assemblage.

The TuffMate2000 Trailer. A plastic trailer that won’t rust – what a relief! You can leave it out in the backyard, and it won’t corrode or fade. It’s incredibly strong, and amazingly light, so you don’t have to worry about load restrictions either.

Custom plastic product design and manufacturing

As you can see, Global Roto-Moudling specialises in designing and manufacturing products that take thinking outside of the box to the next level. So what kind of products can we manufacture using rotational moulding? Anything that’s hollow on the inside. We specialise in creating large products with even wall thickness and zero joints. This prevents stress cracking and ensures superior strength. We can help you out whether you’re after small or large runs of products, too. Global operates over two sites in Australia, one in QLD and the other in Victoria, and our large state-of-the-art industrial ovens can take just about anything we throw at them. For precision and higher volume complex trimming Global employees the use of a industrial robot to give you the same high quality trimming every time. Oh, and we haven’t mentioned the best part yet! Plastic rotational moulding is extremely affordable and efficient. Once we’ve made the mould, we can produce products that are easily repeated at a low cost. It just doesn’t get much better than that.

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