Where to get the best Cartage Tanks in Victoria

In the market for somewhere in Victoria to purchase high quality, durable and robust cartage tanks? At Global Tanks, we offer transport for diesel, molasses, fertiliser, water and a variety of chemicals safely and securely.

Our expansive range of tanks are specifically designed to withstand the harsh and often unpredictable Victorian climate, they won’t rust, and they’re available in an array of sizes. Let us explain some of your options for Cartage Tanks in Victoria below!

A Tank For Every Need

Global Tanks versatile range of cartage tanks can suit any need! Heavy-duty, poly-cartage tanks come in an array of sizes and mounting options to suit a multitude of vehicles. These tanks can be fitted to trailers, trucks, ute’s (including under the tray) – helping you transport a range of liquids in low or high volumes – easily.

Our tanks range from small 35 litre sprayers to 15000 litre Big Foot tanks; you’re bound to find something to suit your needs. Each tank is specified according to its capacity; this ensures structural integrity and efficient handling. The transportable cartage tanks are made from food-grade safe poly plastics, providing the perfect housing for a range of liquids.

Couriering molasses is made easy with a poly tank that has a smooth internal surface for quick and easy draining!

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A Cartage Tank for Every Application: Big or Small

Bigfoot Cartage Tanks

The Bigfoot range is made for transporting large volumes of liquid – ranging from 2000 – 15000 litres. Made even easier to identify as it comes in a variety of colour-coded options to specify their individual uses.

Lightfoot Cartage Tanks

The Lightfoot range comes in either 6000, 7000 or 8000-litre capacities. They can be pin mounted in a separate frame, making for perfect fertiliser carriers. They hold a range of chemicals and are also completely food-grade safe.

Traditional Cartage Tanks

These are the staples of our range, classic in design. The traditional cartage tanks come in capacities from 1000 – 10000 litres. They’re free-standing, pin mounted. The 10,000ltr is ideally suited to be used with a tipper truck mounted on a frame Traditional tanks can be used for a range of (Please link the chemical chart) and potable water.

Compact Cartage Tanks

These little guys are built for the smaller jobs; the compact cartage tanks rang from 200 – 800 litres and they can be tailored to a variety of uses.

See our website for further variations, materials and options for practical solutions to your storage needs.

UV Stabilised

Did you know all of our tanks are UV stabilised? Are you sick of replacing your metal tanks for this reason? Maybe it’s time to upgrade to a UV stabilised poly tank.
This important feature combats the effects the intense Australian sunlight may have on the lifespan of your tanks. They won’t crack, buckle, deform or discolour from the sun’s UV rays – imperative in ensuring you don’t spend unnecessary money on replacement tanks sooner than you should be.

Are you looking for safe, reliable and expertly designed cartage tanks? We pride ourselves on having the best range of cartage tanks in Victoria. To ensure we find the right solution for you, Global Tanks is happy to talk through your options – contact us today if you would like to know more!

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