Super Strong Cartage Tanks: Globals ‘BIGFOOT’ Range

Super Strong Cartage Tanks: Globals ‘BIGFOOT’ Range

Have a heavy duty job to do? You’ll need a heavy duty cartage tank. Global Tanks have you covered with their Bigfoot range holding 2000-15000Lt.

New Features

The defining feature of these tanks are their separate high-strength feet with dual-skin moulding. More weight needs more support, and we have catered for this with our moulded in hold down anchor points.

But wait, the feet get even better.

Additional Features

We’ve included an optional water holding tank in the foot for extra space and we think it’s pretty neat.

The separately moulded feet also allow for greater curvature of the tank, which improves tank drainage.

Traditional Components

Our Bigfoot tanks maintain some of the most important features of our traditional tanks; UV stabilised and made from 100% recyclable food grade plastic with a smooth internal surface to improve cleaning and drainage.

Optional Extras

All of our tanks come with the option to mould in a sump to assist with cleaning and mounting kit are available for efficient assembling.

Variety of Uses

Our Bigfoot tanks are available as Diesel, Water, Fertigation & Molasses Tanks. These are colour-coded accordingly in a selection of no-nonsense and down to business colours. These tanks are also suitable for holding a wide range of chemicals. Please see here for a full list.

Safety precautions – we’ve got you covered

Because Bigfoot tanks are made to carry heavy weight substances we recommend using our Baffle Bones during transportation in order to minimise liquid movement when braking and turning.

Bigfoot tanks are large, sturdy and truly one of a kind. They are smooth, simple to use, easy to clean and readily available to you!

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