Plastic in Mining: a Safer Alternative

Mining equipment operates in some of the harshest environments imaginable.

Think hot, remote, and dusty. Underground, there is often poor visibility, no cellular reception, and a continual threat of collapse. Some mining workers even labour up to six Empire State Buildings deep, so safety is of course paramount!

In this article, we take a look at the safety benefits of using rotational moulded plastic products in the mining industry.

Plastic in Mining: a Safer Alternative

1. Lightweight and easy to transport

As rotational moulding has developed, the mining industry has become more and more reliant on plastic. You no longer need to be a big, strong miner anymore, because plastic products are easy to lift and transport.

Of course, heavy equipment like drills and digging machinery will always be manufactured with metal out of necessity. But other products, like safety guards, mixing tanks and pipes, can all now be converted to plastic.

One excellent example of a metal to plastic conversion in the mining industry is our Ludowici Safety Guard. Previously fabricated from steel, these guards used to require up to four people to safely move them. Now, you only need one!

2. Corrosion and rust-resistant

Reliability is crucial when it comes to product supply in the mining industry. To keep everyone safe, the equipment cannot falter or deteriorate. It must be able to endure years of tough abrasive work. Otherwise, lives are put at risk.

As a result, one of the biggest advantages of using plastic products in the mining industry is that they are rust and corrosion resistant. At Global Tanks, our plastic products are made from UV stabilised polyethylene, which means that they are protected from long-term degradation by the sun. They’re also durable, long-lasting, and can withstand a broad range of hazardous waste and chemicals.

3. No weak joints and fewer leaks

Rotationally moulded plastic products are also less likely to fall apart due to weak joints or corroded weld lines. This is because they are produced in one solid piece, rather than welding or bolting together various components.

Rotational moulding is also fantastic for plastic products like pipes, which supply cool water to large mining machinery, because they have fewer joints to leak from. The precise application of molten plastic also means that you can create a uniform wall thickness, even at corners and defined angles. So every aspect of your mining equipment is robust and sturdy!


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