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  • Industrial News

    Maintaining Your Septic Tank

    - by Global Rotomoulding

    Your septic tank may be the most overlooked and undervalued appliance on your property. Most homeowners tend to have an ‘install it and forget about it’ approach. Failure to provide proper care and servicing of your septic tank, however, can degrade the environment, reduce the value of your property, and cause serious health problems for your family. Here’s how to maintain a healthy waste system:

  • Industrial News
    safety standards of plastic

    Safety and Manufacturing Standards of Plastic Products

    - by Global Rotomoulding

    At Global Rotomoulding, we take pride in delivering products that comply with Australian safety and manufacturing standards. All of our products are made with care, vigilance and the highest level of caution to ensure that they are fit for use by you…our valued customers! Here are some of the reasons why we believe that our products are some of the safest on the market:

  • Custom Rotomoulding

    Benefits of Rotomoulding

    - by Global Rotomoulding

    Rotomoulding, or rotational moulding, is a plastic manufacturing method with great design, production, and economical advantages. From lower production costs to reduced environmental impact, we take a look at some of the best reasons to use rotomoulding for your next big project!

  • Case Study
    aqua pro

    Case Study: Aquapro

    - by Global Rotomoulding

    From concept design to product prototyping and testing, Global Rotomoulding are passionate about developing innovative products and moulding plastic in a creative way. In this case study, we take a look at the development process of one of our most unique product collaborations, the AquaPro, and walk you through the benefits of using rotational moulding for custom projects.

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