How Global Roto-Moulding’s Truck Support Fuels Food Pantry

In the heart of the Lockyer Valley, a collective effort is underway to combat food insecurity and uplift struggling families. From local breakfast clubs to substantial food donations, the Lockyer Valley community and ADRA Lockyer Food Pantry are rallying together to ensure that those facing challenges receive the support needed to rebuild their lives. ADRA Lockyer Food Pantry also has low-cost food hampers on Wednesday and Thursday and emergency food supplies.

What sets ADRA Lockyer Food Pantry apart is its holistic approach to community care. Not only does it address food scarcity, but it also extends a helping hand to the homeless. The pantry opens its doors to those in need, offering access to showers and a washing machine, recognizing the importance of maintaining dignity and hygiene for everyone.



A significant ally in ADRA’s mission is Murray Lucas, a maintenance staff member at Global Roto Mouldings Pty Ltd. Global, known for its commitment to corporate social responsibility, lends crucial support by providing its truck for the collection of donated books. Every 3 months a book fair is held by ADRA Lockyer Food Pantry and Gatton Seventh Day Adventist church enabling funds to be raised to support the ADRA Lockyer Food Pantry. Mr Lucas uses Global’s Truck to help move the book from storage to book fair and back to storage. The local Council had donated the books from a few local libraries. This collaboration exemplifies the power of community partnerships and corporate goodwill, showcasing how businesses can play a pivotal role in social initiatives.

The truck, generously made available by Global Roto Mouldings, facilitates the seamless collection of produce, ensuring that the pantry is well-stocked to meet the needs of the community. Murray Lucas and his fellow volunteers exemplify the spirit of giving back, embodying the essence of community service and Global is proud of Murray for supporting ADRA Lockyer Food Pantry and Gatton Seventh Day Adventist church and its mission to the community.

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