Key Benefits of Manufacturing With Global Rotational Moulding

Imagine working with a team of highly innovative product designers to manufacture your products in an environmentally-friendly manner. Sounds awesome, right? Now imagine if those products were not only more affordable but also more durable, flexible and economical to make.

Introducing rotational moulding – the revolutionary plastics technology you need!

Rotational moulding is a modern method that allows manufacturers to produce extremely durable plastic products, like water tanks and agricultural products, with minimum design constraints. The process involves melting plastic until it takes the shape of your mould. With careful design and engineering, exceptional thicknesses control can be achieved using this method.

There are many design advantages when it comes to rotational moulding. From fast set up to small batch production capabilities, design versatility and impressive manufacturing times. In fact, the method of rotomoulding is so popular that it has become one of the fastest growing sectors in the plastics industry in the last ten years.

Here are just a few of the advantages you get when you manufacture your products with rotomoulding:

1. Meeting unpredictable production demand

One of the biggest design advantages of rotomoulding is fast manufacturing times. Swift and efficient processes make it possible to meet unpredictable production demand and produce small or large batches of quality product at a quick rate. This helps to minimise stock holding issues and saves you money, time and storage space, thereby making the method more affordable than fiberglass, injection, vacuum and blow moulding methods.

Meeting unpredictable production demand | 5 Benefits When Manufacturing With Rotational Moulding | Global Rotomoulding | Australia

2. Design versatility

Polyethylene can withstand high temperatures over a prolonged period of time. This means it can maintain stability while being moulded into your desired shape. Rotomoulding with plastic allows you to create products without weld lines in a variety of styles, colours and surface finishes. The method can also accommodate for particular design elements, like logos, recesses, spouts and bosses. You can even achieve speckled or metallic effects by mixing in different coloured plastic pellets.

Design versatility | 5 Benefits When Manufacturing With Rotational Moulding | Global Rotomoulding | Australia

3. Lighter products

One of the best reasons for choosing rotomoulding for your products is that plastic is a lot lighter and easier to install and transport. For example, our rainwater tanks can be easily rolled, lifted, and put in place quickly and efficiently by a small team. This means you can hire fewer warehouse operators and you don’t have to spend money on expensive, heavy machinery to lift your products on and off trucks. Plastic will speed up your delivery times and make movement around your warehouse easier and more efficient.

Lighter products | 5 Benefits When Manufacturing With Rotational Moulding | Global Rotomoulding | Australia

4. Decrease your environmental impact

The process of rotomoulding is an environmentally-friendly one. No chemicals or dangerous toxins are released during production. There is also less material wastage compared to manufacturing with other materials, like metal or concrete. It takes less fuel to make products with plastic, and the plastic is 100% recyclable so that you can lower your carbon footprint. With every plastic product that’s recycled, the amount of raw materials being mined from the earth is reduced. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Decrease your environmental impact | 5 Benefits When Manufacturing With Rotational Moulding | Global Rotomoulding | Australia

5. Durable and flexible material

At Global Tanks, our roto-moulded products are made from UV stabilised polyethylene. This means they’re protected from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun, which can typically cause other products to fade and degrade over time. This is a design advantage that is perfect for Aussie companies who manufacture products that are designed for outdoor use. Plastic is also rust and corrosion resistant, which means your products will have a longer lifespan, leading to happier and loyal customers!

Durable and flexible material | 5 Benefits When Manufacturing With Rotational Moulding | Global Rotomoulding | Australia

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