South West Loddon Pipeline Project

The South West Loddon Pipeline Project is well underway to provide Victoria’s rural properties with consistent access to water for homes, crops and livestock.

Rural farms in the South West Loddon area that are frequently plagued by drought will have the chance to connect to the pipeline and secure a better future for their homes and businesses. This includes properties located in Skinners Flat, Fiery Flat, Arnold, Bridgewater, Powlett, East Gowar, Wedderburn South and Kurting. Farmers and property owners interested in connecting to the pipeline are encouraged to register a formal expression of interest with GWM water. However, there are a few requirements that will need to be met for a property to be eligible to connect to the pipeline network. Read on to find out more.

Connecting to the South West Loddon Pipeline: the requirements.

To connect to the South West Loddon Pipeline, your property needs to be situated within the project area, in either the Waranga Inglewood, Newbridge, St Arnaud or Wedderburn zones.

To check if your property lies within one of these zones, you can check the water pipes map here. If you wish to tap into the pipeline, you must install water tanks on your property capable of holding three days worth of water supply, to balance peak demands. It is the landowner’s responsibility to design and establish the infrastructure to store and move water around their property.

Water must also be piped directly from the meter to the tank, and then diverted to the desired areas. Meters will be placed just outside the landowner’s fence line to allow for easy access to carry out readings and maintenance. To find out more about water allowances and costs, please see here.

Please note: the water supplied to your property by GWM water via the South West Loddon Pipeline is not for human consumption and should not be used as drinking water or for food preparation. It will service crops, livestock and greywater facilities.

What size water tank will I need for my property?

To apply to connect to the South West Loddon Pipeline, you will need a tank that can hold three days worth of peak water supply for your property, i.e. enough to last three dry, hot summer days. The tank will gradually be replenished throughout each day. However, having this amount of storage capacity will ease the stress on supply and ensure all properties within the area receive the amount of water that they require at an average flow rate.

Depending on the size of your land and its water demands, you may need a tank between 23 500 Litres and 45 000 Litres. For an indication of how much water supply is suitable for your property, please see the helpful guides on this page, or contact Global Tanks for assistance.

Purchasing durable water storage tanks and troughs

Designing an effective water reticulation system for your farm or property requires a lot of forethought, and starts with a quality tank. Not only do you need to ensure that you purchase a water tank with the right capacity to service your house, crops and livestock, but you also need to consider its durability, ease of installation and level of climate defence.

Plastic poly tanks are a reliable option because they’re lightweight, which significantly drives down installation costs, but incredibly strong, meaning they have very long lifespans. They won’t rust when it rains or crack under pressure, because they have been roto-moulded for superior wall thickness. Global’s range of poly plastic, roto-moulded water storage tanks are UV stabilised to endure the rigours of a hot Australian climate.

Global also manufactures a variety of troughs to connect to your water reticulation system for livestock. These include round troughs, ballast troughs and linear troughs. They are all made from poly plastic, using the rotational moulding method, and enjoy the same benefits as our rainwater tanks, including zero rust, UV stabilisation and superior hardiness. Global’s tanks and troughs will serve your water reticulation system well and ensure efficient supply of water to your property and livestock.

Benefits of connecting to the South West Loddon Pipeline

Last but not least, why should you connect to the pipeline? Here are just a few of the benefits you could experience by having a reliable flow of water supplied to your Victorian property:

  • Consistent supply of water for livestock and crops during long periods of drought common to the Loddon area.
  • Improved water quality.
  • Access to stored water for firefighting purposes.
  • No longer reliant on rainwater or water carting.
  • More opportunities for business expansion and diversification of farming operations.

To register your interest in connecting to the South West Loddon Pipeline, or find out more about the project visit GWM water.

To be eligible to connect to the pipeline, contact Global Rotomoulding to chat about suitable water tanks and troughs for your property.

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