Residential wastewater treatment systems

So you’ve purchased your dream property of twenty acres, with room for the beginnings of a hobby farm, a sizeable veggie plot and a monster shed to house all those tractors you’ve been drooling over.

But before you embrace country life in all its glory, you need to build your home. And boy oh boy, are there a few things to consider! While living in the countryside has countless advantages (peaceful, quiet, private and holy cow those views are amazing!), it also raises challenges when it comes maintaining those creature comforts that you’ve grown accustomed to. Namely plumbing and electricity. And one of the most important features of your new home, while it may not be as sexy as designing your gorgeous wrap around deck, is your wastewater treatment system.

Yes, we’re talking about how your sewage (black water) and grey water will be treated. Because your home is too far out to be connected to the local council sewage system, the wastewater produced by your home is your responsibility. Sewage, when incorrectly managed, can be a very dangerous thing. So it’s imperative that your home incorporates a system that will treat it thoroughly. Keep your family and your highly valuable block of land safe by taking the time to consider the best wastewater treatment system for your needs. We aim to help you achieve your dream home by shedding a little light on three of the best features of Australia’s leading wastewater treatment systems. This way, you’ll be better informed when choosing the right system for your luxurious country abode.

Discreet design

If you’re going to the effort of designing and building a house from scratch, you want everything to be perfect. Which also means that you do not, under any circumstances, want your septic system to stick out like a horrific eyesore on your property. Furthermore, you want to keep the area around your home open and clear so that you can enjoy all of those breathtaking views! So finding a wastewater treatment system that can be discreetly placed underground is an absolute must. Furthermore, choosing a wastewater treatment system over a basic septic tank will allow the treated water to be disbursed directly into a soakaway which may be in the form of a garden. Fully treated black water creates nutrient-rich soil, perfect for growing an array of plants that rarely require fertilisation or chemical assistance to thrive. So an underground wastewater treatment system can actually, in fact, enhance the look of your home by assisting you with a lush, thriving garden!

Affordable installation and maintenance

As we mentioned before, having a house way away from suburbia can limit access, not only to local amenities but also when considering delivery of products and services. Namely, your sewage system. Getting a heavy, cumbersome concrete septic tank transported to your property is going to cost a pretty penny. And getting it into the ground is going to be another ball game altogether. This is why it’s best to think light when considering your new wastewater treatment system. And by this, we mean opting for a plastic model rather than concrete. Now before you get all huffy, thinking “plastic?! That flimsy thing needs to last decades! Stop pulling my leg!” it’s critical to stop and consider how far plastic design has come in the last century, and how beneficial it can be. To give you a quick rundown:

  • A plastic sewage tank made out of low-density polyethylene is incredibly strong and durable.
  • A plastic, roto-moulded tank is resistant to stress cracking because it does not have any joints.
  • A plastic tank will not rust or corrode over time.
  • A plastic septic treatment tank is incredibly light, so you won’t need a heavyweight vehicle to transport it all the way to your property (saving you a huge chunk on money on installation!). Plastic wastewater treatment systems such as the Ubi Aqua weigh only 675KG!
  • A 6000L plastic wastewater treatment system with a filter, such as the Ubi Aqua, will only need to be pumped out once every ten years.

You can see that the benefits of a plastic tank are undeniable. They’re more affordable to buy outright, to install and to maintain. A plastic tank will also give you better peace of mind. Concrete tanks often have a higher risk of cracking during installation. And undetected cracks can cause sewage from the tank to leak into the groundwater, resulting in harmful contamination. Not something you ever want to deal with, especially in the first year of having your new home up and running!

Accommodates your home’s changing needs.

One of the first things you’ll be asked when shopping for a wastewater treatment system for your new home is how many people it will need to accommodate. While there may only be a handful of people residing in the house on a daily basis, you need to consider the fact that if you live out in the countryside, visitors will likely always be staying the night when they travel to see you. And if you’re a bit of a socialite, your septic tank will need to be able to process ‘shock loads’ whenever you host a big party or event on your property. You don’t want to have to hire porta-potties every Christmas when the whole family comes to stay! The size of your sewage system is also an important consideration when assessing the value of your house; if you resell, you want to appeal to a broad market, including large families.

As a guide, a 6000L tank by Ubi Aqua can accommodate an eleven-person household. And systems such as the Ubi Aqua can operate in periods of high usage when you have extra guests for an extended time. If yours is a growing family and you’re weighing up between two sizes of tanks, it’s always wise to choose the larger one. You don’t want to be paying to have your tank emptied more than usual because you bought one that’s too small. A bigger tank will only add more value to your property in the long run!

The Ubi Aqua is Global’s latest, innovative wastewater treatment system. It adheres to codes and regulations outlined by all of Australia’s states and territories. It’s an affordable, durable and safe wastewater treatment system for new homes. Contact Ubi Aqua today to find out more about the Ubi Aqua and how it can effectively manage wastewater treatment on your property.

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