In this article, we take a look at the development process of the Baffle Bone, and walk you through some of the benefits of using custom-designed poly products in the transportation industry.

Rotomoulding Innovations: Baffle Bones

An innovative solution to a practical problem

As any good tank driver will know, liquid surge control is essential for road safety. However, after many years of trial and error, we have discovered that the traditional methods of liquid surge control (e.g. built-in baffles and baffle balls) have several fundamental problems:

1. Built-in Baffles are weak
We have found that tanks with built-in baffles are structurally less sound. This is because built-in baffles are typically welded in place and can cause a weak point in your tank. Over a period of time, these weak points will break down or fail and you’ll need to replace your entire tank (often at a considerable price).

2. Baffle Balls take too long to assemble
Baffle Balls are also not that effective because they have a tendency to unclip when the tank is filled too quickly. Their flat pack design also means that they take a long time to assemble and prepare.

So how do you control your liquid surges without causing a weak point in your tank? And what’s the best way to optimise your time more efficiently and stop spending hours upon hours assembling balls?

Baffle Bones to the rescue!

It took us some time and hours of prototyping, experimenting, and testing, but we believe we have come up with an innovative solution that actually works. Baffle Bones don’t require any extra assembly time, they are cost-effective to replace, and they offer strength and durability with no risk of weight-related collapse.

Rotomoulding Innovations: Baffle Bones

The development process

To ensure that our Baffle Bone design solved the fundamental problems that many tank drivers face on a day-to-day basis, we put them through rigorous testing. The custom-design and development process for the Baffle Bones looked a little something like this:

1. Concept design and world-class engineering
2. Complete product design with product specifications
3. High-quality mould manufacturing in our modern facilities
4. Comprehensive testing, verifying, prototyping, and regulation approvals
5. Tool making
6. High capacity manufacturing
7. Successful delivery

The advantages of using plastic in the transportation industry

Polyethylene is ideal for products in the transportation industry because it weighs next to nothing. This means that products, like our Baffle Bones, are substantially lighter than other liquid stabilisation products on the market today, and require significantly less energy, fuel, and manpower to move, install, and transport.

Our Baffle Bones also offer many other design advantages. For example, because the products are made from one piece of plastic, instead of welding or bolting together various pieces of metal, they are exceptionally strong. They have greater durability and will not fall apart due to weak joints or a heavy load.

Our food-grade safe, BPA-free plastic is also rust and corrosion resistant, which means that your transportation products will have a longer lifespan and you’ll spend less money and time on product repairs. Bonus!


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