Baffle Bones: A Baffle Solution for Cartage Tanks

A liquid control system in your truck or tank is essential for driver and road safety. Baffle Bones are an innovative design for cartage tanks that can help you improve driver control and lower vehicle maintenance costs.


In this case study, we take a look at what the Baffle Bone liquid surge stabilising system is and walk you through some of the benefits of using Baffle Bones in your transportable tank.

Baffle Bones: A Baffle Solution for Cartage Tanks

What is a Baffle Bone?

A Baffle Bone is a plastic product that assists in the reduction of liquid movement while a truck or tank is driving. Without Baffle Bones, any liquid contained within your tank will slosh and surge around, causing your vehicle to become unstable.

So how do Baffle Bones work?

These products are fitted crosswise and lengthwise within your tank to create a ‘honeycomb’ barrier. When many Baffle Bones are used together, their combined high surface area offers a unique solution to breaking up the energy and wave formation of moving liquids.

What are the benefits of Baffle Bones?

  • Improvement in acceleration, braking and cornering control.
  • Lower vehicle maintenance costs (e.g. wear and tear on your brakes/tyres).
  • No water retention in the plastic material improves hygiene and prevents liquid contamination.
  • Suitable for a wide range of chemicals (hot or cold).
  • Have a large surface area and a low volume displacement.
  • Easy to clean, last a long time, and are cost-effective to produce.
  • Will not flex into submission under the load (our Baffle Bones have been independently tested and are certified to meet the Load Restraint Guide).

What is the difference between a ‘baffle ball’ and a Baffle Bone?

One of the major differences between baffle balls and Baffle Bones is that most baffle balls are made up of various interlocking pieces. This means that they consist of discs that can be stored flat until required and ‘locked’ together when needed.


Baffle Bones: A Baffle Solution for Cartage Tanks
(Image via BARR)

Baffle Bones: A Baffle Solution for Cartage Tanks


So what’s the catch?

Well, because of their flat pack design, baffle balls take a long time to assemble. They can also unclip and become a dangerous hazard if the tank is filled too quickly.

A Baffle Bone, on the other hand, is one piece of plastic with no fasteners or clips. They offer strength and durability with no risk of weight-related collapse. They also don’t require any extra assembly time and are unique in their ‘bone’ shaped design.

How big are Baffle Bones and how many do I need?

We recommend that the Baffle Bone system be used in all tanks with a volume greater than 2,000 litres.

At Global, we offer small Baffle Bones for smaller tanks (between 1,000 and 1,500 litres). In these tanks, you will typically need around 50-75 small Baffle Bones.

We also make large Baffle Bones for tanks between 2,000 litres and 15,000 litres. In these tanks, you will need around 22 – 165 large Baffle Bones.


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