Preparing for a Tree-Change to the Country

Fresh air, green rolling hills and the chirping of birds. The country seems like such an appealing alternative to the daily grind of city life, doesn’t it?

In this day and age, we are working longer hours, struggling to switch off, and are facing the skyrocketing costs of living in many of Australia’s capital cities. You may be one of the many Aussies currently craving a tree-change; with hopes to save cash, stress less and live life at a different pace.

While the sights and the sounds of a peaceful life in the country may be calling your name; there are a few things you need to consider before getting out your flannel shirt and gumboots.

Time is of the essence

On any property, big or small, you get out what you put in. You’ll find yourself with a never-ending list of jobs here and there to complete either around the house or out in the paddock. It’s difficult to know just how much time you will need to dedicate before you are living on a property of your own. In this case, it’s well worth researching this as much as you can before you make your move.

A more sustainable way of living

Take advantage of having more land and let your gardens grow! Vegetable gardens and orchards are a fantastic way to become more self-sufficient. Before you make your move to the country, get involved in urban farming if you haven’t already. It’s a great way to dig beneath the surface of what is involved with growing your own produce.

Living off the land will mean you also have to be more aware of how much you consume. This isn’t just regarding the fruit and veggies you’re growing, either, but also your water usage. Having at least one decent sized water tank on your property is essential, as you won’t always have access to town water.

A stronger sense of community

The ironic thing about living in the country is that while you’re physically living further away from your neighbours, you tend to form closer ties with them socially. Country folk are generally accommodating and like to look out for one another as life on the land can deal a hard hand at times. Having a close friend in a country town means more than just company at the local pub on a Friday night. It’s someone who can lend a hand when a fence is down or can offer advice when it comes to starting up your veggie garden.

Money doesn’t grow on trees

Often the most significant appeal of moving further away from larger cities is a cheaper cost of living. This is true in many aspects, from rent and housing costs to the cost of parking and groceries; you’ll be saving even more on your weekly shop if you have an orchard or vegetable garden at home. However, you will need to allocate a larger budget to the upkeep of your property, especially if there are animals to feed.

A chance to pursue different career paths

Depending on how far your tree change takes you, a career change may be necessary when it is too far to commute. This can be a positive, however, if you’ve been thinking of switching professional paths for a while and exploring different skills. If your profession is in high demand in rural areas, however, you can often see a significant pay increase as an incentive for moving. Careers today are also becoming more flexible, and those often thought of as city-centred jobs can be pursued online, in a more remote location.

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