How to Beautify Your Yard with Planters

Is your yard, courtyard or balcony starting to look a little bland? Spice things up with a few choice planters!

Planters are ideal because they require minimal effort to install and are no-fuss when it comes to your plant’s upkeep. Plus, you can utilize them to create some pretty innovative backyard feature pieces.

Succulent your way to success!

Succulents are trending among green thumbs, and not just because they’re near impossible to kill! They come in so many truly unique shapes and colours, and when mismatched together, create captivating feature pieces for your garden. We love these haphazard displays of chaotic colour. Get the look by investing in large, round planters.

Create a magical fairy house

This one’s pretty popular with the kids. Everyone loves a little fairy house in the garden! Why not make your planter the home of a fluttery friend? It’s a great project for the school holidays and will jazz up your pot plants in no time. Choose a round plastic planter, all the better to hot glue your favourite stones and twigs onto.

Thinking vertically

For anyone working with limited space, thinking vertically with your planters is essential! It might require a bit of repurposing of scrap wood, or thrifting your way through the charity shop to find the right ladder, but your proud handiwork will produce even more fulfilling results! Try using plastic planters so that when one plant’s runoff drips into the one below, it won’t rot the planter as a wooden version might.

A Life Aquatic

Why limit yourself to soil when you can use your planter as a water feature? One of our nifty customers made a delightful water garden out of one of our round planters. Plastic planters are ideal for water features as they won’t rot or rust. If you’re looking for pretty floating plants to add some colour to your tiny pond, you can’t go past waterlillies. However, there are also some lovely floating ferns that will add texture, such as azolla or water lettuces.

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