Make Your Concept Ideas a Reality With Rotational Moulding

Do you have an idea for a product that’s been keeping you up at night? If your idea is begging you to be turned into a physical object, you should consider the benefits of using rotational moulding in the manufacturing process. Not only that, think about the clear advantages of using plastic as your material of choice.


First thing’s first – designing your product and pondering on its capabilities. Does your product need to be sturdy, strong, long-lasting and weather resistant? Designing your product with plastic in mind will open up a whole new realm of possibilities. Did you know that plastic products can be made so light that even massive agricultural equipment, such as this bunded trough, can be moved by just a single person?

Good design can minimise or completely eliminate a problem that you’ve experienced with an existing product that has severe design flaws. In many cases, redesigning an existing product with plastic has saved businesses both time and money. Take this toolbox Global designed with Booth Transport, for instance. Their previous toolbox was made of steel and would rust quickly from hose leakages. Plastic, however, proved to be just as sturdy, and would not rust. As a result, Booth Transport’s new plastic toolboxes have a much, much longer lifespan now!

Mould creation

If you decide that the best way to manufacture your product is through the use of a mould, you’ll be needing one that’s extremely precise. This will ensure that the replication of your product is top notch every single time. Another way to ensure the consistency of your product is to use the rotational moulding method. This method expertly controls the thickness of your product so that it is both lightweight but super strong! Don’t believe us? Check out this plastic trailer we made with Trailers2000 – it’s practically indestructible!


If you’re after precision manufacturing for your product, then you won’t go past a company that is ISO 9001:2015 standard certified. This standard ensures a quality of service, which extends to complete quality of product. If your product relies on exact measurements and assembling, you can trust that Global have a keen eye for detail. We’ve manufactured products with many versatile parts such as the AquaPro. This commercial, underground water storage system was designed so that parts can be reconfigured for optimum installation in tight places, without having to recreate new moulds every time.

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