Matching water tanks to your home using the colorbond colour range

Whether you want your tank to stand out or blend in, our range of colorbond tank colours will make it easy to match your tank to your home so it looks like it’s always lived there!

We’ve put together a few ideas on how to seamlessly integrate your tank into the aesthetic of your overall home.


Making it all flow

If you’re all about consistency then finding a tank that will blend seamlessly with the rest of your home is vital. If the outside of your house is painted a neutral cream or beige, why not try Classic Cream or Paperbark for your rainwater tank? Effective yet discreet is what you want your tank to be!




Making a statement

Complimentary colours are those that sit opposite each other on the colour wheel. They make each other pop in a fun and bright way. If you have a unique home, why not play up these features by choosing complimentary colours for your house and tank? Red and green is a common combination, as is orange and blue. We’re particularly fond of Deep Ocean, which goes will with rusty reds and oranges.




Picking up on accents

Are the eaves, doors or window sills on the outside of your house painted in an accent colour? Choosing a tank in the same colour is a great way to incorporate it without making everything too uniform. Cottage Green is a common accent without being too bright.




An aerial view

Matching your roof to your tank is super easy if you want the colours to be exactly the same, because you can use colorbond steel! Do you live on a farm or out in the countryside where helicopters and flight paths tend to pass? Make your property consistent but vibrant from an aerial view by decking out your roof in Manor Red colorbond steel, and your tank in the matching colour!




At Global we make above ground, underground and urban rainwater tanks to suit your home!

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