Rotational moulding case study: designing a rust-free toolbox

The Global team have once again donned their hats as the Sherlock Holmes’ of rotomoulding! When approached by Booth Transport with an ongoing problem, the team put their sleuthing skills into action to find a solution. Discover how Global Rotomoulding solved the rust-free toolbox case for Booth Transport!

The case of the rusty truck toolbox

Booth Transport’s trucks carry hoses which were constantly leaking in their storage boxes, causing rust and corrosion. Booth found that they were frequently replacing these storage boxes at a large cost. In many cases the water was even leaking out of the boxes and onto the tray bed, causing further rusting. They approached Global with the issue in hope of initiating a collaborative venture which would have these two businesses working together to find a solution with the help of plastic.

The sleuthing process

Global travelled down to South Australia to assess the situation, recognise the challenges and discuss Booth’s options. They carried out the following steps that they’ve become known for in their dedicated custom plastic design services:

  • Recognising the key criteria.
  • Discussion with Trymark Design Engineers to design and produce concept drawings of the proposed product which met these criteria.
  • Constant reviewing of the product design to assess its suitability.
  • Quotes sent to Booth Transport for the moulding and labour costs.
  • Final design approved by Booth Transport.
  • Quotes gathered from several mould makers to obtain the best deal for value and money.
  • Final design sent to chosen mould maker (in this case, offshore).
  • Inspection of the moulding process at varying stages to ensure the mould met the stated specifications, dimensions and criteria.
  • Final mould shipped back to Australia to undergo rigorous testing and trials to establish the right shot weight, cook and cool times.
  • Making of jigs to assist with the demoulding process.
  • Final sample product sent to Booth Transport for approval.

 Cracking the case

This collaborative process resulted in the Booth Transport rust-free toolbox, which would house their hoses and prevent corrosion to their trucks. The toolbox is situated under the truck tray bed and is made of plastic to prevent rust from leaking hoses. Some of the standout features of the toolbox include:

  • Fully stackable
  • Rust resistant
  • Includes an easy finger grab recess
  • Has integrated handles and hinges
  • Has a variety of configurations
  • Includes a weather tight seal
  • Can be secured
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Impact resistant
  • Easy to clean

Solving problems and creating opportunities

Global’s collaboration with Booth Transport not only assisted in solving their ongoing problem but also generated a new rust-free toolbox product for the transport market. Collaboration between industries is essential when opening up new opportunities and avenues for expansion. Global have a strong history of collaborations and continue to lead the way in innovative plastic design.


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