Is rotational moulding the best manufacturing method for your product?

From medical equipment to furniture and home decor, you may be surprised at the number of products you can manufacture using custom rotational moulding. There’s really no limit as long as you have an innovative design and one mould.

Why use rotational moulding instead of metal?

For a start, plastic is cheaper than metal, and there are fewer costs involved in labour and production time. Polyethene is strong, durable, UV resistant and well suited to endure the harsh Australian climate. This makes roto-moulding an excellent manufacturing method for any outdoor products. Water tanks, agricultural equipment, sports equipment, children’s playgrounds and pool accessories can all be created using the roto-moulding method.

Rotational moulding and the medical industry.

Technological advancements mean that roto-moulded plastic products are becoming useful in healthcare because they’re hygienic, durable and resistant to rust. Medical products such as surgical instruments, components of medical devices and containers for dialysis machines, can be manufactured with roto-moulding. Basically, anything that requires hollow plastic parts.

Roto-moulding gets stylish.

Another new area where roto-moulding is starting to make a splash is homewares and decor. This is because you can create a variety of shapes and designs with molten plastic and produce a large number of them cheaply and efficiently. Unlike metal, you can also get creative with colours. Some of the products designers are dabbling in include outdoor furniture, bathtubs, beds, stools, lamps and bookshelves.

Rotational moulding and reliable products in agriculture.

Roto-moulded products are really creating positive changes in the agricultural industries. This is because farms use a variety of equipment that requires strong, durable, UV resistant products such as cattle feeders, fertiliser tanks and cartage tanks. The portability and lightweight nature of plastic is also a huge bonus on a farm, as it’s more easily transported.

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